Secrets of War - Snap #934

In the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis a man is pulled aside and presented a secret one way mission. He can choose to accept it, but he can never tell anyone. Not family, not friends.
Until now. Snap Judgment..."Secrets of War"


One Way Mission

When Jack Boyles signed up for the Navy in the early 1960s he was excited to work aboard the USS Shangri-La. As the ship’s only yeoman he had access to top secret information so he knew before most people why the ship was docked off of Cuba. But little did he know what was in store for him.


Producer: Nancy López
Original Score: Leon Morimoto


Jennifer Percy was just a young graduate student researching PTSD, but the closer she got to understanding the inner workings of one soldier’s trauma, the more she lost her own footing in reality.

For more, check out her book: Demon Camp.

Producer: Nancy López
Sound Design by Pat Mesiti-Miller