2 much 2 drink

Everyone has “one of those nights,” you know, one of those nights where severe consequences are bound to happen.  Well, I thought “my night” was first semester when I took 23 shots and yaked for about 20 straight minutes.  People told me they thought I was going to die and one of my friends stayed up until 5am to make sure I was okay.  Unfortunately that wasn’t “my night.”  My night, was far more embarrassing.



It started at 7 pm; when my friend Brandon and I returned to his room after meeting our friend Jake whom I had paid earlier and had just returned from buying my alcohol.  It was Friday night and the last weekend we could party before finals, needless to say we planned on getting stupid drunk.  Yet no one knew exactly what I had purchased from the liquor store until I pulled the big, green, square bottle from my sleeve and revealed it to Brandon.  Jagermeister, one of the most well known liquors out there; probably because everyone has seen someone’s world get fucked up because of it.  To make matters worse, we bought four cans of redbull to escort the thick, velvety sludge on its trip to our livers.  We had done this before. In fact it’s almost a game to us to see how fast we can team up on a fifth of Jager, but this time was different.  Usually we have three people to split the fifth. You might be thinking who cares its only one less person, but with twenty-two shots in a bottle you go from seven shots a piece to eleven.  However the eleven shots didn’t faze us.  We set a goal of 15 minutes, cracked the bottle and went to work trading pulls back and forth, starting with Brandon and ending with me.  The last shot was by far the most difficult. I’m not a huge fan of black liquorish but I obviously did better than Brandon because he passed the bottle and ran straight to the bathroom.  Regardless we finished the fifth in exactly thirteen minutes and thirty-five seconds. Quite an impressive accomplishment in our opinions, and we were proud of it. 

Once we finally finished, we headed over to the party. We were already late and our phones had been buzzing for the past hour with people asking where we were.  We were hesitant to go outside however and everyone was already too drunk to give us a ride, so we knew we would have to walk.  We stepped outside the dorms and the chilling air raced to greet our faces, freezing them in moments.  Regardless, we kept walking, heading down McKinley and turning on Riverside.  Every step my body felt warmer, or so I thought, until I finally arrived at the house and realized not feeling my teeth was because of the Jager, not because I was cold.  I stumbled up the steps and into the house and without hesitation ran down stairs to start playing beer pong.  It didn’t take long before I had double vision and every time I threw the ball they would laugh at me for missing way left or right.  Knowing that I was too uncoordinated to play, I switched with someone and headed upstairs. 

The trek upstairs was intense, each step seemed to grow in height and my feet felt like they were getting heavier. Each jagerbomb I took was hitting me at once and I damn well knew it.  I could feel my head getting lighter and then everything just went black. The next thing I knew I was awake in my lofted bed completely naked apart from one sock on my left foot.  I didn’t have a hangover, but confused would have been an understatement.  I didn’t remember any of my night, and although I felt okay I was curious about what happened at the party.  I gingerly stepped down off my loft, slipped into some shorts, removed my single sock, and walked across the hall into Brandon and Cam’s room.  The second I walked into the room they both started laughing.  Now I was worried, what embarrassing things did I do this time, usually it’s one thing but last night seemed like an event.  They began telling me about a girl that I was hanging out with, but neither of them remembered her name or what she looked like.  The only thing they knew is that she was talking to one of the guys at the party and when he tried to pull her away she told him no.  The drama would have ended there but the guy punched a wall and completely snapped a bone in his hand.  All of a sudden I got a text message from a girl named Emily who I have never met.  “hey, do you remember me?” The whole room erupted with laughter, but I was a completely embarrassed. “Sorry no I don’t.” I was hesitant of what she would say but it did not take long before she replied, “Oh, well, we made out.” Once again Brandon and Cam began to laugh at my expense as Cam fired up his computer.  I couldn’t respond, I didn’t know what to say, I felt horrible but at the same time completely embarrassed.  To make matters worse she texted me again! “Would you want to hangout sometime?” By this time Cam found her on facebook and pulled up her profile.  She was beautiful and had a smile more addicting than caffeine; so of course I wanted to hangout, but that wasn’t the most important thing.  She had very little information about what happened that night and according to her she spent the majority of the time at the party with me, just as hammered as I was.  Unable to get any answers from anyone there, I gave up, drank plenty of water and prepared for Saturday night.  The party was taken a little easier. I didn’t pregame and just drank beer the majority of the night.  The tranquility ended quickly however when I saw Olivia and Molly, two of my friends that I didn’t remember seeing at all the night before.  They started laughing the second that they saw me and I knew something had happened.  Embarrassed, I asked what happened.  I trust them, which is why I was so shocked when they had told me what I had done.  Before we made our way back to the dorms they had told me to streak two blocks down the back road and without second thought I stripped down to my shoes and ran. Then they got me dressed got me up to my room striped me naked a left.

  That night was the greatest learning experience of my life.You see, I still love to party and hangout with friends but after that weekend I changed completely.  I learned more life lessons because of my actions in those two days than the first three months of my college experience.  If I learned anything about growing up it is that we all make mistakes and for most of us, “our night” will be one of those experiences.  I was fortunate enough not to get caught, and not to feel the repercussions, but for others that are less lucky it is only a hard learning experience.  If anything I hope that people learn from my mistakes, understand the importance of knowing your limit, and know how to be responsible while still having fun.  Yes I had a blast that weekend before exams but my life will be forever changed.



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