13 years ago I moved to states  from Iran, back there I was a dentist and in order to obtain my license here I had to take several exams, meanwhile I had a family to feed. Anyway after one work leading to another I got a job as a file clerk in IT department of a big insurance company, there and I had to report to three admin assistants but primarily to a very nice African American Lady. Life was going as usual when September 11 happened, that day at work you only saw people in awe and shock all day and honestly nobody was paying any attention to a poor file clerk running around which to be honest it was more than what I was asking God. At the end of the day Lorelei (the African American admin) pulled me over and said: “Nima, did anyone give you a hard time today?"  I stood there in front of  her totally dumbfounded thinking that how can a human being be so superior, her country, her people, her pride was attacked by people that supposedly coming from the same region I come from, and instead of being angry at me she was concerned that anyone would give me a grief. That day I learned one the most valuable lessons in my life that no matter what happens you can keep your goodness. 12 years has passed and I am practicing dentistry now but since that day every single 9-11 is a reminder of beautiful soul that she is.