Behind The Curtain - Snap #530

On the next Snap..."Behind The Curtain." When they think they're all alone, and no one is watching, that's when they are their true selves.

The Teacher's Lounge

Glynn's stomach is hurting, but when he finds the nurse, he finds something else as well.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

The NeverEnding Story


Heaven’s Gate, Cleopatra, Apocalypse Now. They all have one thing in common - they were all runaway film productions.  Marked by huge budgets, never-ending shoots, directors either cracking under the pressure or going mad with power. But journalist Michael Idov will tell you that none of them hold a candle to Dau.

For more information, check out Michael’s article for GQ and photos of his time on set.

Producer: Joe Rosenberg

Playing Godman

A young boy travels to his homeland to learn the art of magic and illusion. Soon he must decide how to use his new found powers. This story was chronicled in Tahir Shah's amazing book "The Sorcerer's Apprentice."  Find out more about Tahir's magical world at


Producer: Anna Sussman

Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

Between Strangers

Silvana de Faria was a living the dream. She was a model and actress in Paris. She was engaged to a famous film director. She had it all. Or at least that’s what she thought until her brief encounter with a stranger at the airport.

For more information, check out Nicholas Shakespeare’s article for Newsweek.

Producer: Nancy Lopez

Sound Design: Pat Mesiti Miller

Song Info Story Label

Flowers by Yancey Boys THE TEACHER’S LOUNGEDelicious Vinyl
Koplopp by Machinefabriek THE NEVER-ENDING STORY Cold Spring
Biospheric Dark by The Books Temporary Residence Nature Sounds
NightLight by Afta-1 PLAYING GODMAN Melting Pot Music
Key by Ametsub PLAYING GODMAN Nothings66 Records
Of Acid and Angels by Off the Sky PLAYING GODMAN Databloem
Bonfire on the Field by Chihei Hatakeya BETWEEN STRANGERS Kranky
A Lady’s Vanity by Lucky Thompson, Oscar Pettiford, and Skeeter Best BETWEEN STRANGERSFresh Sound Recordings
Ballad of Distances Pt. 1 by Stars of the Lid BETWEEN STRANGERSKranky
Silver Water Ripples by The Gentlemen Losers  BETWEEN STRANGERS City Centre Offices
Simmerdown by Nostalgia 77 BETWEEN STRANGERS Tru Thoughts
A Livelong (For Cubs) Pt. 3 by Stars of the Lid BETWEEN STRANGERS Kranky
Back on Da Block (Instrumental) by Pete Rock FULL SHOW BBE
Higher Than You by Betty Ford Boys FULL SHOW Mordella Music
The Disco Is Burning by PJ Katz FULL SHOW Databloem