Desperate Measures - Snap #518

On an all-NEW Snap, what happens when you take a regular person and back them up against a wall... there is no telling what they might do. From PRX and NPR, we proudly present "Desperate Measures."

Cold Hard Cash

Baby, it's cold outside. Glynn needs to get himself home. but to get the cash he's gonna need to squeeze through a devious little loophole in the system.  

Producer: Pat Mesiti Miller

The Ultimate Sacrifice

When Joe and Yvonne Jackson found out that their youngest son, Cole, was on the brink of life and death they never imagined what they’d have to give up in order to save his life.

To learn more about Joe and his family check out reporter Malcolm Garcia’s article on Guernica Magazine’s website.

Producer: Nancy Lopez

Bob And The Barefoot Bandit

When a crime wave hits sleepy Orcas Island, reporter Bob Friel felt compelled to follow the story--or was the story following him?  

Be sure to pick up a copy of  Bob’s page turner,  The Barefoot Bandit: The True Tale of Colton Harris-Moore, New American Outlaw and check out his website to learn more.  

Producer: Ana Adlerstein

Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

Night Walk To Nowhere

Desperate times call for desperate measures. But what about when the desperate measures are just a little too desperate for the occasion? Producer Julia DeWitt knows all about it.


Producer: Julia DeWitt