All In Your Head - Snap #510

On the next Snap Judgment, there's a big difference between what you see, and what you know is true. Snap proudly presents “All In Your Head.”


Not A Real Doctor

Glynn's alter-alter ego discovers a groundbreaking secret formula. Now if only he can get the world to listen to him.

Producer: Pat Mesiti Miller and Renzo Gorrio

Bert And Ernie

When Monica was little girl, growing up in Brooklyn, she a had knack for knowing just the right story to tell to get what she wanted. And what she wanted, more than anything, was to hang out with Bert & Ernie.

Producer: Joe Rosenberg

The Spelling Bee

When Snap Judgment producer Davey Kim was in eighth grade, he went to the regional level spelling bee with his best friend...and took R-E-V-E-N-G-E.

Producer: Davey Kim

Paper Boat Hat

Joshua Walters occupies the worlds of madness and sanity and gets a souvenir from one that becomes a symbol in the other.

Producer: Mark Ristich
Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

La Que Sabe

In Joyce Lee's family, no one feels sick or tired, just alive or dying... until an operation in Turkey finally left Joyce able to feel.

Performed at Snap LIVE! in LA.
Orignal Music Composed by Alex Mandel
Performed by Alex Mandel and the Snap Players