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5150 Danger to Self

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On "5150 - Danger to Self," Snap Judgment drops stories of people who are their own worst enemy. Push through the hallways of a psychiatric ward, obsess over a late night talk radio host, and then get ready to run for your life.

Danger to Self: On the Front Line with an ER Psychiatrist

In the ER psychiatric ward in San Francisco's busiest hospital, murder threats aren't quite as rare as you might think. Every day, mental health specialists make decisions to keep us safe from ourselves and others, but sometimes the tables get turned . . . Producer Roman Mars interviews Dr. Paul Linde, author of "Danger to Self: On the Front Line with an ER Psychiatrist," the book that inspired this radio show.

Voice in the Sky

Dayna's gig as a late night DJ puts her on the receiving end of some unwelcome attention from an admirer. Snap Judgment follows one fan's trail of obsession. Produced by Rebecca Hertz and narrated by Glynn Washington.

Straight and Narrow

The Straight and Narrow: When Justin McClure's wife left him, he lost control of his life -- and his car. Multiple times. After racking up three DUIs, Justin landed in jail. In order to get his life back, Justin is running as fast as he can.

Narrated by Glynn Washington.

Produced by Roman Mars and Rebecca Hertz.

The Ghost Train

You know the story of the Ghost Train? The G Train. Does it exist or doesn't it? Producer Mark Ristich shows just how desperate NYC mass transit can make you. Here's to all those waiting on platforms reading "Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone."

The Kid Runs

The Kid is beyond hope. The Kid is on and off meds. The Kid no longer takes care of himself. Conventional wisdom says The Kid won't change. But this Kid will surprise you. This short "phoner" by Rebecca Hertz is an example of just what can come from our story line.

Beating Las Vegas

Glynn gets a call from a childhood friend who's alone, homeless and stranded in a place he'd rather not visit.

Getting Sleepy

Those "How To Hypnotize" books? Some of them actually work. But be careful how (and who) you place under a trance. Host Glynn Washington tells the story.

Olly Neal Gets His Read On

In the 1950s, it was hard enough to come by a book by a black author, let alone a titillating book by a black author. In this amazing StoryCorps tale, Judge Olly Neal reflects on the first books he ever read - pilfered from the library with the help of a few observant librarians. Produced by Vanara Taing and Michael Garofalo of StoryCorps.

No Judgment

Whether you want to learn about Alexander the Great or get the government to stop stealing your thoughts, a librarian is always there to help.

The Library Ghost

Who you gonna call? Snap Judgment! Shawnette rings the Snap Judgment Storyline with a tale of horror and suspense. . .

The Evil Librarian

Now that we've prayed at the altar of the non-judgmental, first amendment-defending, beacon of democracy librarian, we bring you this counterpoint-- The Evil Librarian. Produced by Roman Mars.

Burning Books

How to cope when the person you're supposed to trust the most destroys your lifelong dream. Host Glynn Washington tells his story.

Tales from the Library

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Drop Everything

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The Gold Ring

What would you do if your best friend called to say she found the Buddha? Jeff Greenwald didn’t have to be told twice - he hopped on the next flight to meet the guy for himself.


Story by Jeff Greenwald.


Produced by Roman Mars.

A Lebanese Fairy Tale Wedding

Simone had never been to the middle east.  So when she landed in Beirut and found herself stranded, she told herself it would be alright to accept a ride from that handsome stranger she met on the plane . . .


Produced by Rebecca Hertz and Rita Daniels.

As I Lay Dying

Snap Judgment producer Mark Ristich drops everything to get to his grandmother for her final hours.  Sweet sentiment turns into panic as paramedics, hospice workers, and his own family battle it out while Grandma Rose lies on her death bed.

Office Space

Sometimes getting fired is the best that you can hope for. Host Glynn Washington keeps his head down, for once.

Something Ain't Right

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Douglas Leach and the Trail of Polaroids

After arriving home from work, Douglas Leach saw a Polaroid lying on his front step. 
He picked it up. 
He shouldn't have . . .



The Shiva Puja

When an otherwise healthy young businessman starts slurring his speech, dragging his feet, and spitting up blood - his amazing road to recovery runs through Lord Shiva's Temple.

Chandra and the KKK

Chandra and his nerd buddies ignite a campus-wide race war.

Three Days in a Porsche

After the keys to a Porsche magically appear on his front doorstep, Jack Boulware discovers that sometimes the car does make the man.

Respect the Prophet

Glynn Washington spins a tale of what happens when the Midwest collides with Malaysian mores.

Warning Signs

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White Lines

When he hears the roar, Storn White knows he made a mistake, and prays for the mountain to forgive him. 


The mountain has other plans.


Story by Storn White.


Produced by Mark Ristich

Kidnapped by the FARC

Jason McLaughlin and his buddy took a canoe trip down Colombia's Putomayo River. Nobody warned them that the river cut through the heart of rebel territory during the middle of a civil war. Produced by Anne Elizabeth Moore and Roman Mars.

Joshua Walters vs. Joshua Walters

A talented young performer, Joshua Walters, battles demons for his soul. 


Is he a prophet?  A performer?  A maniac?


What is the difference?


Produced by Glynn Washington.

Amazon Jungle

When a North American photographer makes his way into the Amazonian jungle to visit a native tribe, he learns why the Brazilian government keeps nosy tourists as far away as possible.   Produced by Rebecca Hertz.

Game Over

The tape rolls as we witness the tearful end of a perfect online world.

Produced by Roman Mars, based on a story from Robert Ashley's brilliant A Life Well Wasted internet radio program.

Tourist Boat

Jeff and his girlfriend escape the beaten path and all those annoying tourists.  Camping on a primitive island far, far away from “Resortville,” they discover what happens when survival and opportunity collide.

Produced by Roman Mars and Sarah Jessee.


Christianity was too violent.  Buddhism was too peaceful.  And everything was too organized.  So David and his friends came up with their own religion: Terrantism. They got a church, priests - pretty soon, they thought they'd found the secret to spiritual enlightenment.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Sam Green

Sam Green, director of the live documentary “Utopia in Four Movements,” discusses the fleeting nature of utopia. 

Going to Petra

Glynn struggles whether to escape the apocalypse in paradise . . .


LIsten now, or get the podcast . . .

Superheroes: Origin Stories Full Episode

Click to hear the amazing new episode -  Superheroes: Origin Stories!


Wanna-be Japanese gangsters drive Chris to the brink and a mighty warrior is born.
Story by Glynn Washington. Produced by Roman Mars.

Seduction of the Innocent: Comic Book Artists

Professional comic book artists reveal their first pen and ink creations.

Produced by Roman Mars and Stephanie Foo.

The Finger

A medical student loses his finger on a Caribbean island in the middle  of a hurricane.  Can his fellow med students get him to an airport, off the island and to a hospital in time to save his finger?
Produced by Rebecca Hertz.


Falling in love with a superhero IS all it's cracked up to be--except  
when the guy turns out to be totally, tragically human.
Produced by Rebecca Hertz.

Hanuman by Snap Judgment

If you do not know him yet then it is high time you meet the Original Old School Superhero, Hanuman. Capable of defeating entire demon armies and carrying mountains over oceans, the beloved Hindu monkey God comes to the rescue.
Produced by Roman Mars and Rita Daniels.

Evil D

Superman has met his match. Darnell is taking out the man of steel.

Story by Glynn Washington. Produced by Mark Ristich.

The Man in the White Hat - Full Episode

This is the full episode of The Man in the White Hat.

Milagro in El Paso

Frenchman Pascal loves America. He loves the scenery, the people, and most of all, his girlfriend. He loves it so much that he overstays his visa...and in El Paso, everything goes to heck. Lucky for him, there are still cowboys in Texas.
Produced by Roman Mars and Stephanie Foo.

StoryCorps Stabbing

At the end of a dark hallway lies a door.  Behind that door lurks a madman.  Two caring women approach the door and try to save him - and each other.

Thanks to StoryCorps for finding this story.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Fertilizer Bomb

A ten-ton bomb on wheels threatens the good citizens of North Carolina.

Produced by Sarah Jessee.

Jeff meets Arthur C. Clarke

The most famous science fiction author in the world reaches down and changes the destiny of a 14-year-old aspiring writer.

Produced by Roman Mars

Lake Michigan

Brett was 13, omnipotent and having the time of his life swimming in Lake Michigan - going out deeper and deeper.  But Mother Nature doesn't care for hubris.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Not a Cat Lady

You might take it upon yourself to save the day, but sometimes one person's hero becomes another person's villain.

Produced by Sarah Jessee.

Bad White Hat

As tempting as it is, you can not always trust the man coming to the rescue.

Story by Glynn Washington.

Plasticity Full Episode

Listen now, to the full episode of "Plasticity."

Lite Brite

Glynn's always been in the shadow of his caramel-colored cousin Virgil.  But he's about to fight back--even if that means the ultimate sacrifice.

Storm the Bard

Storm always knew he felt more like a man than a woman. But he also knew that he was a singer, and as a female, had spent years cultivating a beautiful singing voice. So when he decides to transition, many of his labels have to be reinvented. Find more of Storm's music on his website:

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

100% Girl

Kids always made fun of the way Sara looked growing up. She never quite looked like a boy or a girl. Now, at the age of 49, she's finally starting to realize the truth about her identity.  A picture of Sara here. It does contain a spoiler.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Only Volunteers

On one reality TV makeover show, it takes lengthy surgery and extreme diets to turn ordinary women into TV stars.  But what happens when a TV producer's personality begins to change just by working on the show? 


Produced by Rebecca Hertz.

Look-See Test

What does the story of Noah and his three sons Shem, Japheth and Ham have to do with teenage love?  All is revealed when Glynn's best friend Quan goes before the Council of Elders for the "Look-See Test."

Magic Doors Full Episode

Listen now, to the full episode of "Magic Doors" . . .

Miracle Monk

1943.  Southern India.  A young mother rocks her feverish child.  She weeps, fearing he won't make it through the night. The Mother hears a knock on the door.  A young monk, robes tattered, whispers, "If someone, anyone, agrees to take the boy's illness as their own . . . I can save his life."

The Caliph's House

Sick and tired of the London rat race, writer Tahir Shah decides to move his whole family to an old Caliph's mansion in Morocco.  Turns out, the mansion teems with angry djinn--genies and spirits, oh my. And they ain't leaving without a fight.


Learn more about Tahir at

Grandfather's Road

A young Bay Area poet, Josh Healey, rocks a story of a near-death experience and an unexpected visit from his grandfather.

Dear Jack

In a rural South Carolina farmhouse during WW2, a woman wakes up in the middle of the night with a premonition about her husband fighting overseas.  She writes a letter to warn him, but mail runs slow during wartime . . .

Tooki Man

Trekking in Indonesia, Ian and Stuart wander off the beaten path.  There, a broken man tells them he knows the way to magic . . .


Snap Judgment regular contributor Jeff Greenwald can't decide what he wants from Africa - but he finds it anyway.


Devil's Water

Attempting to dig the family well in rural Michigan, Glynn's family comes up dry - until Daddy cuts a deal with the Devil . . .


In an amazing performance, Marc Bamuthi Joseph uses his many gifts to transport an entire live audience from San Francisco to the heart of Africa.  National Poetry Slam champion, Broadway veteran, GOLDIE award winner, Marc is also an inaugural recipient of the United States Artists Rockefeller Fellowship which annually recognizes 50 of the country's "greatest living artists." In 2007, Smithsonian Magazine named him one of the Top Young Innovators in the Arts and Sciences.

Porn with Nana

Joshua Walters, beatboxer, storyteller and poet, cranks a tale of family tension past the breaking point when Nana’s Netflix delivery goes horribly wrong.


Check out the video from Joshua at Snap Judgment LIVE!


Joshua Walters is a true “Renaissance Man,” excelling in all manner of performance art.  Joshua chronicled his battle with bipolar disease in the acclaimed one-man show, "Madhouse Rhythm," and advocates nationally for mental health patients, using humor to reframe his experience.  
Last year, Joshua released his first music album, "Grow the Good," to widespread critical and audience acclaim.  Joshua’s work has appeared on ABC, HBO, and MTV.  He is a regular contributor to Snap Judgment.


Discover more about the world of Joshua Walters at and check out an absolutely adorable picture of Joshua and his beloved Nana right here.

Mad Love and A Tired Mother's Testimony

Joyce Lee, two-time National Poetry Slam Champion, exposes both her sacred and profane sides to a roaring Snap Judgment crowd.  After bursting onto the poetry slam scene in 2008, Joyce proved a versatile storyteller, singer, poet, and actor--routinely mixing all her passions into the same performance.

In addition to storytelling, Joyce regularly features with Valarie Troutt and the Fear of a Fat Planet, a jazz ensemble.  In the past few months, Joyce has astonished audiences in world-famous locations including San Francisco’s Yoshi's, da Poetry Lounge in LA, and New York's NuYorican Poets Cafe.

Graduation Day

When it comes down to his place in life Jamie deWolf says  "My life ain't nothin but prologue." His future passes before his eyes as the spotlight turns to his daughter Nadia.


Check the video from Jamie at Snap Judgment LIVE!



Performer, teacher and filmmaker Jamie DeWolf reigned as both the Oakland and Berkeley Grand Poetry Slam Champion.  Jamie created the amazing Tourettes Without Regrets (a variety / vaudeville / comedy / slam show), founded the Suicide Kings performance trio, performed as an HBO Def Poet, and recently completed directing, acting and starring in the feature length film “Smoked.”   Jamie has performed everywhere from Moscow, Russia to San Quentin Penitentiary.

The Curse

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington recalls battling his family curse as a young boy. 

Get the pocast, and hear why Ira Glass called Snap Judgment, "Amazing.  Like a cousin of This American Life that grew up in a wildly different neighborhood . . . "


Stream the full episode of Snap Judgment Live right here!

Great-Great-Granddaddy's Land

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington recalls a very, very, very secret bit of family lore.

Can't Go Home Full Episode

Click here to hear the full episode of "Can't Go Home."

Mohamad vs The War on Terror

If you're a Syrian citizen named Mohamad Al-Baghdadi, immediately after 9/11 might not be the best time to board a plane without your green card. But Mohamad thinks, "Hey, what's the big deal?"

He's about to find out . . .

Produced by Glynn Washington and Stephanie Foo

California Dreamin'

When Vicki Crooks was five years old, her parents lured her out of school in Bolivia with promises of a trip to Disneyland. They never made it. Nineteen years later, Vicki reveals the story of a family trapped between two worlds. 

Vicki's situation is a common one.  The DREAM Act is a bipartisan legislation recently introduced into congress that would grant amnesty to people from foreign countries who were brought her as young children. Check it out here.

Produced by Rita Daniels

Back To Poland

Michael Pearl decided to reconnect to his Jewish heritage. He booked a trip to Poland, where his family lived before the holocaust. Mike sought out the cemetery where his great-grandparents lay buried, but wound up uncovering some strange and ugly truths.

Following are some of the pictures referenced in the journey:

-The town of Raciąż.

-A barely-visible headstone.

-The cemetery.

-A picture of the samaritan giving Mike's driver directions. 

Produced by Stephanie Foo

Fall of Saigon

In 1975, the city of Saigon fell under brutal attack by the Viet Cong. One woman decided that the only path to save her family ran directly through the approaching North Vietnamese army... 

Produced by Mark Ristich

Indonesian Psychic Surgery

Glynn Washington let chance set his course, and followed a new friend home to his Indonesian village.  All was well.  Drink, discovery, and friendship reign--until Glynn questioned The Most Important Thing to him.

Written by Glynn Washington. Produced by Mark Ristich and Stephanie Foo


Rita Daniels loved her sister.  Really.  She loved her.  But they were two different people and sometimes people grow apart, right? 

Then Rita got the phone call no sister ever wants to hear.   

Produced by Rita Daniels 

Living Biblically

Tejero’s reading of Christianity demanded he practice “polygyny”, the act of having more than one female partner. And Tejero did what God told him to do, no matter what persecution he faced.  He was desperate for a community that would accept him and help him preach. But you have to be careful about who you let tell your story.

Produced by Stephanie Foo

So Embarrassed

For Jeff Greenwald, Tibet was a transcendentalist paradise. The people, the food, and the breathtaking beauty captivated him.  And Tibet loved Jeff right back, granting him access to areas no Westerner had ever seen.  It was almost like he fit right in.  


Produced by Roman Mars and Stephanie Foo

(Learn more about the world of Jeff Greenwald at



The Storyteller With No Voice

What happens when a storyteller loses his voice?  Stories burned on Joel’s tongue, but his mouth remained silent - even when he gambled on the biggest story of his life.

Joel wrote about his experience in the book, "The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness." Find out more about him at his site.

Produced by Stephanie Foo

Full Episode of The Story

Click to hear full episode of The Story.

Full Episode BUSTED

Listen to the full episode of BUSTED.  

Drugs in the Trunk

One of our favorite storytellers, Joyce Lee, made excuses for why she didn’t show up to tape a piece.  Joyce told us she'd been “busted.”  What?  Busted?  Keep the tape rolling, baby.  We hit the record button while she related the events of her past night.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.


Berlin Magic Man

Professional illusionist Patrick Martin wows audiences all over the world.  Unfortunately, the East German Border Police don't care about that. Can one magician face off against the might of the Iron Curtain?

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Lab Rat

Nobody likes getting busted, but when Lawrence uncovers evidence that a well-respected scientist is using fake data with million-dollar implications, he lands in the dangerous and uncomfortable role of “Bustee.”

Produced by Roman Mars and Matt Larson.

Land of Entrapment

Alicia is a bad girl. Soon enough, she has to keep fronting to maintain her reputation. But when one wrong move begets another, and then another, getting busted becomes the only hope she has.

This piece is dedicated to the memory of Leah.

Produced by Rita Daniels

DWB: Dancing While Black

Snap Judgment’s host Glynn Washington recounts a story of a night well spent behind bars.

Produced by Roman Mars.

Full Episode of Hacked

This is the full episode of Hacked.

Nerd Boy

Nerdboy’s sister needs help, and he doesn’t have the muscle.  But he’s not backing down.  Somebody is going to pay.


Story by Glynn Washington. Produced by Stephanie Foo.

The 75 Cent Hack

Clifford Stoll is managing some computers at work when he realizes that somebody has stolen 75 cents from the lab.  He sets off to investigate, and finds the conspiracy runs deeper than he could ever have imagined. Stoll published a book on this story, which you can buy here.


Produced by Stephanie Foo.


Parental Control

Computers unite the world by putting everyone on the same playing field. Everyone (priests, wardens, 11-year old girls) assume the same equal status when reduced to a screen name.  But maybe that’s not such a good thing.  Not when children can start reigning over their parents.


Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Hack the House

Circumstance tempts some employees to find a creative way of leaving a job.  Some people steal office supplies. Others say what they really think.  Snap Judgment Executive Producer Mark Ristich started messing with the company computer.


Produced by Mark Ristich.

Got Your Back

You don’t just need antivirus software for your PC.  Hearts can get hacked too.  When looking for love, Rebecca Hertz discovers some nasty worms crawling around her online dating site. 


Produced by Rebecca Hertz.

Computer Love Poem

Joshua Walters is in a relationship and it’s complicated. But he doesn’t kiss his baby goodnight. No, he prefers to click her mouse. 

Reply All

Everybody knows you have to be careful with the email spammers.  Horror stories abound.  But sometimes they push and push and push - practically daring you to respond.  Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington discovers the perils of getting even.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Heard a song in this episode that you loved? Gotta know what it is? Stephanie's got a full song list on her blog.

Breaking In Full Episode

This is the full Episode of Breaking In.

Some Girls

Jillian Lauren had goals. She was studying at NYU to become a glamorously wealthy, Oscar-winning actress. But then she landed a potentially life-changing audition.  The new gig might not require knowledge of Shakesperean sonnets, but it’s got all the glamour and bling of Hollywood. It’s all she ever hoped for...isn’t it?

Check out Jillian's site and book here.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Expert and Above

Sean Flannery needs a job, and he’s desperate enough to lie his way through an interview.  Until he gets zinged.

Sean was named the Best Stand-Up Comic of 2010 by the Chicago Reader, and he has a one-man show called Never Been to Paris.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Breaking Station

Erin always wanted to be one of the guys.  As the only female working on an Alaskan fishing boat, she seizes the chance to prove that she’s just as macho as the next dude. 

Produced by Mark Ristich and Rita Daniels.

Straight Camp

Straight reporter Ted Cox goes undercover at a religious gay-to-straight conversion camp.  He finds that lying about being gay to get the story is a lot easier before you meet the men in the program. You can read Ted's article about his experiences here.

Produced by Roman Mars.

Vagina Report

Rebecca Hertz is a star student, to get into her dream college she simply needs to ace one final presentation.  So Rebecca chooses the most compelling subject she can think of: female anatomy.

Produced by Rebecca Hertz.

Lady Sovereign vs. Jelly Donut

Everybody’s got that list. Dead or alive, which celebrity would you have dinner with? Which star would you cheat on your husband with? Who would you drink Cristal with on a giant yacht?  For Zach Slow, his dream date was the international rapper Lady Sovereign.  So Zach and his friend Jelly Donut embarked on a campaign to turn his dream into reality.

This piece was excerpted from Nick van der Kolk’s podcast, Love + Radio. Listen to the whole thing right here. 

Spooked I : The Origin

It's scary, baby!

Pastor's Oil

Glynn’s friend Jenny is sick.  Up in her room, she’s shaking like there’s something inside of her. And Glynn is about to find out what . . .

Story by Glynn Washington. Produced by Stephanie Foo.

My Special Friend

Baywatch’s Donna D’Errico tells a story about her childhood best friend, Nancy.  At first, she seems like the best playmate a girl could ask for, but then things go terribly wrong. 

Thanks to Celebrity Ghost Stories and the Bio channel for this story.

Judge Not

The good Judge has always gotten his way.  But he’s dead.  And there’s a new sheriff in town.

Produced by Rita Daniels and Anna Sussman.


The Chinese Seer

Lee kept seeing things, hearing voices and noises late into the night.  As Lee’s mind slowly lost its grip on reality, a Chinese mystic (thousands of miles away) lent a helping hand.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Haunted Hacienda

Rita found a gorgeous place to stay for dirt cheap.  Problem was, she didn’t much care for her roommate.

Produced by Rita Daniels.

See No Evil

The trouble began in Sri Lanka, when Chandra’s aunt woke up one day and couldn’t move her arms or legs.  The doctors had no answers, but a mysterious priest led the family on a quest to find the truth beyond medical science.

Produced by Glynn Washington and Stephanie Foo

The Man - Full Episode

This is the full episode of The Man.

The Living Dead

Lal Behari got up all fresh and bright one morning and walked to the bank--where he found out that he was dead. Or he was on paper, anyway. And no matter how hard he tried to prove his existence, nobody would believe otherwise.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

The Man Montage

Audio montage.

The Narc

Right or wrong, John “narced” out his best buddy.  He learned the hard way that when you go undercover for “The Man”, you can kiss your old life goodbye.

Produced by Andrew Parsons, with sound design by Stephanie Foo and Anna Sussman.

Sixteen to Life

When Brenda Clubine landed in prison with a life sentence for murder, she realized she was in a position to save the lives of countless women.

Link to Sin by Silence

Produced by Anna Sussman.

Petition Village

In China, local governments can often be corrupt, but you can’t bring them to court. You have to go through a long, painful bureaucratic process called “petitioning.” Some camp for years in a makeshift “petition village”, awaiting their chance at justice. Qi and her daughter Juan, just two petitioners out of millions, give everything up to find justice. The audio from this story is taken from the documentary Petition, by Zhao Liang.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Wild Kingdom LIVE! Full Episode

This is the full episode of Wild Kingdom LIVE!

Fish Blink

Host Glynn Washington opens with a story of the fish that DIDN'T get away . . .  

Big Jim

Actor, producer and fitness guru Tabitha Christopher takes the audience across the Caribbean Sea to her home island of St. Thomas, and the day when she learned the hard truth about her family’s tasty goat soup.

One of four children, Tabitha has always felt the need to fight for survival. At the age of four she began storytelling and learning to play the piano. She has since appeared on stage and screen across the country.  Tabitha turns the Snap Judgment stage into her childhood home, and gives the audience a peek inside.

(Listen now, you're gonna LOVE it!)


Nice Kitty . . .

Journalist Thayer Walker has been chased by rhinos in Nepal and fought sharks in Guadalupe. But it wasn't until his Bolivian jungle walk, that he began to contemplate a desk job.

Dave Thomason


Dave Thomason is a stand-up comedian and writer based in San Francisco. He kept our audience juiced up during the filming of Wild Kingdom LIVE!

Mouse Mortuary

With heartbreaking candor, actress Kate Ascott-Evans reveals a story from her youth in South Africa as overseer for a family of mice . . .

Stealing Ann

Stealing is not cool..unless it saves a life, or two. Animator and storyteller Scott Kravitz explains why he stole from a homeless person, and wins over our Snap Judgment audience with his sneaky charisma.

The Jackals

Host Glynn Washington wraps up the episode with a story about escaping “the jackals” that smell blood after his “operation.”

Wrong Tom

Mistaken identity colors a decision made years later.


Produced by Rita Daniels, Anna Sussman and Mark Ristich.

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It Wasn't Me . . .

Glynn kicks off True Confessions, LIVE!, with a story he never told his Momma . . .

Junk in the Trunk

Two-time Oakland Grand Slam Poetry Champion, writer, jazz artist, and teacher, Joyce Lee wondered who to trust . . . her boyfriend, or Mr. Policeman.

My Father's Eyes

Actor, Delta Blues guitarist, and licensed attorney Erol Dolen recollects a journey through his own heart of darkness . . . 

Comic Relief

To entertain us through our cameras’ tape change, San Francisco comedian Dave Thomason explains the pressures of parenthood . . .

Just Like the Queen

Descendant of Scottish witches, actress Katharine McEwan explains to the Snap Judgment audience that while her British identity can fool most Americans into thinking she is pretty posh, she can never fool her own mother.

Lost Teddy

Former business strategy consultant Anneke Jong had almost everyone tricked into thinking she was all grown-up. Until she lost her teddy . .

DWB: Dancing While Black

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington has spent a lot of time in the back of a squad car.  His last time locked up, Glynn decided to use the time productively . . .

38 Geary

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington learns that when you get on the bus, you better dress for the ride.


While walking in San Francisco one day, Delfin Vigil noticed the name “Nikko” etched into the sidewalk.  Then Delfin saw the name again.  And again. And again.  Delfin had to know, “Who is Nikko?”

Read Delfin's chapbook, Nikko: Concrete Commando, here.
Produced by Stephanie Foo

Taxi Pulp Fiction

Chicago's a tough city for a dame trying to stay out of trouble.  Stephanie Foo is trying to survive the asphalt jungle when she's picked up by a tough-talking cab driver who introduces her to the city under the city.

Jack Clark's book, Nobody's Angel, is available here.  Also, check out this blog for more information.

Produced by Stephanie Foo

Swimming in History

When producer Rita Daniels finds herself introduced to a woman whom no longer lives, Rita realizes she has passed into a time-morphing world where lives of the long-dead inhabit the walls.

Produced by Rita Daniels and Mark Ristich


If you’ve ever obsessed over life after death, don't worry.   WFMU's Benjamen Walker has all the answers . . .  You can hear Benjamen's amazing radio show, Too Much Information, right here.   Or just get the podcast (it ROCKS!)

Season One Finale Full Show

This is the full episode of Snap Judgment's Season One Finale.

Chandra Sivakumar- See No Evil

Inside Chandra Sivakumar laughs an old storyteller’s soul.  Chandra has created some of the most memorable Snap Judgment stories, including “Chandra and the KKK.”   We plan to keep squeezing him for tales, especially since Chandra’s last story had folk turning on their nightlights and reaching for the holy water.  From our “Spooked” episode, Chandra recalled a scary bit of forgotten lore. Produced by Stephanie Foo and Glynn Washington

Joshua Walters LIVE: Porn with Nana

Joshua Walters is a modern day “Renaissance man.”  Poet, beatboxer, musician, comic, teacher, mental health educator - Joshua routinely combines his varied talents into a single performance.  As part of Snap Judgment: LIVE!, Joshua rocked it like nobody else could and created an instant Snap Judgment Classic.   Produced by Mark Ristich

Stephanie Foo: 100% Girl

Snap Judgment's Stephanie Foo is a bloodhound for amazing stories.  "100% Girl" proved one of her best discoveries of the year.  Go ahead and give a listen (but keep that box of tissues handy.)

Rebecca "Mega" Hertz: The Vagina Report

The big, bad, world of network television let Snap Judgment borrow Rebecca for a short time, and she quickly proved one of the best producers in radio.  Rebecca digs deep, creating pieces that go straight to the heart.  But her sense of humor always lurks right around the corner.  In "The Vagina Report" Rebecca recalls how she made it to college, the hard way.

We dug it so much, we turned it into an animated film!  See "The Vagina Report," animated by Snap Judgment's own Joe Golling.

Mark Ristich: The Ghost Train

"Uber" Producer Mark Ristich is the person most responsible for the soundtrack behind every Snap Judgment episode.  But Mark is a storyteller in his own right.  In fact, Mark routinely places himself in grave danger just so that he can share the outlandish tale. 

Listen to Mark's "The Ghost Train", but please, please, PLEASE do not try this at home.

We were so appalled that we turned it into a short film!  Watch "The Ghost Train" right here . . .

Roman Mars: Game Over

Every new production needs a grizzled veteran.  Thankfully, Snap Judgment had the "The God of War and Radio", Roman Mars.  Roman is a storyteller's storyteller, and will be deeply missed as he conquers new challenges. 

Roman's genius at relating emotional content fueled one amazing story after the other.  Listen as Roman ROCKS an instant Snap classic, "Game Over."

Rita Daniels: Hanuman

People tell Rita Daniels strange things.  It's as if folk feel intuitively drawn to unburden themselves on a kindly, understanding soul.  (We're super glad that kindly soul carries a microphone.)  Rita crafted some of the most powerful Snap stories of the year, but her best gift may be the ability to truly LISTEN.

Listen with Rita, as one man explains his encounter with "Hanuman".    

Buffet of Atonement

“It ain’t good ‘til yer hungry.”  Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington brings us face to face with the the world’s most satisfying buffet.

Story by Glynn Washington, Produced by Stephanie Foo

Buried Alive

When Ricky Megee emerges from a shallow grave in the harsh Australian outback, fate forces him to redefine “food” as he struggles for survival.

Produced by Anna Sussman

The Orange

Storyteller Joel ben Izzy recalls a conversation he had with an older gent who describes the true beauty of a piece of fruit.

Visit Joel’s site for more stories.

Produced by Stephanie Foo

Lost at Sea

It’s not always the smartest idea to lie about your previous experience.  Especially not when it involves sailing across the Atlantic Ocean head toward Europe.  Donna Salter learns her lesson in the middle of nowhere.

Produced by Stephanie Foo and Scott Gurian

Russian Cheese

In Soviet-era Russia, “Refuseniks” trying to escape the country were often denied their basic human rights by the Russian government. Debra Salan traveled to the Ukraine to help them, but encountered some KGB trouble of her own.

Produced by Stephanie Foo

Thank You Jesus

Host Glynn Washington recalls the worst trip to the grocery store of his young life.

Abducted: Full Show

Listen to the full Snap Judgment episode, "Abducted."

PINs and Nails

Scott Sanders arrived in Shenzhen on a business trip, and checked into a five-star hotel.  Scott had a great time exploring his new neighborhood...until he found himself tied to a cross in an empty apartment building.  Scott’s captors wanted information, and they wanted it NOW.

Scott submitted his story to us via the Snap Judgment website.  Submit your own story and rate others’ right here.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Casualty of Desperation

Chaos and bloodshed engulfed Iraq between 2006-2007.  Jamie Tarabay served as NPR’s Baghdad Bureau Chief during those years, reporting on the horrific tragedies that occured around her.  But disaster hit home when kidnappers seized a member of her colleague’s family.

Jamie’s original piece, produced by herself and Dianna Douglas, can be found here.
Thanks so much to the Third Coast Audio Festival for letting us use tape of Jamie at their last conference.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.


On the MEND

Southern hospitality pays off for a Texas oil worker kidnapped in Nigeria.

Produced by Anna Sussman.

On the Road

While on a cross-country hitchhiking trip, Snap Judgment regular contributor Jeff Greenwald learned that the kindness of strangers sometimes comes with a price.

Produced by Glynn Washington and Stephanie Foo.

One of Our Own- Full episode

Listen to the full episode of "One of Our Own."

Triple Jeopardy

A young couple waits by the phone, hoping their social services agency has good news about a child placement.  When they do get the call, it’s even more than they bargained for.

Produced by Mark Ristich and Glynn Washington

This Can Go On Forever

Carol and Joel are about to meet.  They don’t know anything about each other and have never spoken, but they share the most intimate of bonds.

Produced by Shea Shackelford and Virginia Millington.

Not Without My Son

Kim de Blecourt and her husband Jahn thought it might be nice if their daughter had a sibling.  After a few unsuccessful domestic attempts at adoption, the de Blecourts extended their search, internationally.  

They considered various places and finally decided to work with a country Kim had traveled to as a missionary.


Produced by Mark Ristich and Glynn Washington

Labeled: Undesirable

When a mixed race baby is adopted in rural Vermont in the 1960’s, questions about her background take on a new gravity.

Produced by Anna Sussman.

Secrets of War

During El Salvador’s long civil war, thousands of babies were adopted by American families. Now those children are using DNA samples to help them find their biological families in the wake of the conflict. Angela Fillingham had no idea where her cheek swab would lead .

Produced by Anna Sussman. 

Find out more about DNA matching for El Salvador’s disappeared here.


Who's Your Daddy?

Rita D was a love child with an elusive, larger than life father.  In an attempt at understanding, she embarks on a quest to visit the Intentional Community her Father lived on at the time of her conception, and to ask him a few burning questions.  

(Like any self-respecting radio producer, Rita Daniels packs a recorder and brings listeners with her.) 

Check out a short video accompaniment to the story here:


Learn more about the Lama Foundation here.

Moon Graffiti

“That’s one small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.”  We know the quote, the perfect capstone for America’s triumphant quest to put a man on the moon.  

But Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong came within inches of tragedy when they landed Apollo 11. This story imagines the moon landing if things had gone a bit differently . . .

Moon Graffiti was produced by Jonathan Mitchell and edited by Hillary Frank for an amazing new storytelling project called “The Truth” (distributed by American Public Media.)  Matt Evans stars as Neil Armstrong, Ed Herbstman as Buzz Aldrin, and John Ottavino as Richard Nixon.

Snap Judgment: Quest

This is the full episode of Quest.

A Kidney and a Bride

What do you do when an estranged cousin calls out of the blue and asks for a highly illegal favor to save his life?  Hang up the phone?  

Or catch the next airplane to China?

Daniel made his choice, and wrote about his quest in a book called, “Larry’s Kidney.”

Produced by Anna Sussman.


Top of the World

Forty years ago, Alan Sussman went backpacking through India, Afghanistan and Nepal, before climbing his way to a mountaintop temple called Tengboche Monastery, on the trail to Everest Base Camp.  

A few months ago, he asked his daughter, Snap Judgment producer Anna Sussman, to make the same trek with him one last time.

The Good Shepherd

Adoption officials told Fisseha’s new, American family that his family had died.  Upon his return to Ethiopia, Fisseha’s adoptive family learned a far more complicated truth.

Produced by Molly Samuel and Stephanie Foo.

Conjugal Love

Kathleen answers a personal ad that stands out to her.  Buck is a lonely inmate looking for a reason to care about tomorrow.  The unlikely pair connect, writing letters, talking on the phone, having supervised visits and falling madly in love.  

As good as it is, one significant absence looms over their blossoming relationship .  . .

Listen here, or get the podcast for the whole episode!  

Produced by Kaitlin Prest and Anna Sussman

The List

Adam and Meghan fell in love in Seoul, Korea.  After Meghan's battle with cancer, Adam discovers an expression of devotion that honors the most important thing that ever happened to him.

Meghan's blog and Adam's journey can be found right here.

Produced by Nick van der Kolk, Sean Cole and Ashley Ahearn, Nick van der Kolk, with help from Eva Wolchover and Stephanie Foo.

Return of the Ring

Eleanor Sheposh was a beloved science teacher.

Her final student field trip to Hawaii went awry as her late husband William’s wedding ring slipped from her finger and into the ocean.

Produced by Mark Ristich.

Red Balloon

Snap Judgment regular contributor Joshua Walters goes looking for love in all the wrong places.

Produced by Mark Ristich

So Hot

If you’ve run out of lines for the club, then please friends, turn to no other than Jamie DeWolf. 

He delivers, and believe us - Jamie's buttery words WORK.

Produced by Rita Daniels

In Sickness and In Health

Sometimes people really do mean what they say and say what they mean.  Aimee and Yuriy are a case in point.

Check out Aimee's videos right here.

Produced by Stephanie Foo

Japan TV

As one of a very few black people living outside Kyoto, Japan in the 90s, Glynn took the easy road to fame. That was all well and good--until the reckoning.

Story by Glynn Washington. Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Love Jane

Did you know a real-life Jane launched "Jane's Addiction?"

Jane Bainter inspired the band's massive hit, "Jane Says," and even the band's name.

With her image plastered all over the world, and crowds of music lovers singing her name, we asked her, "What's it like to be infamous?"  Jane broke it down.

Produced by Rita Daniels

Indian Idol

When Anna approaches a small town in Northern India, the streets are lined with school kids, rickshaw drivers, and housewives, screaming at drivers to VOTE FOR PRASHANT.  But...who is Prashant?

And what’s he running for?

Check out  a video of the scene in Darjeeling on Indian Idol election night.




Listen now to discover how a pop-show election captures the imagination of Darjeeling.

Produced by Anna Sussman

Canine Rivalry

Scott Sanders wants to be a serious actor. But his biggest competition isn’t Pacino or Hoffman -- it’s "Man's Best Friend."

Check out some photos of Scott and his dog Here.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Remember My Name

You couldn't turn on the radio without hearing her songs, like Flashdance...What a Feeling.  But it was her starring role in the mega-movie Fame that started it all. Irene Cara tells us how she rose to the top...and where it all went from there.

She now has a new group, Hot Caramel, and their album is dropping in March 2011 on You can check out Irene's website at

Produced by Mitzi Mock

Come On Down!

Mary Tunno, an adorable Italian mother in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, professes her love each day for TV game show host Bob Barker.  Finally, Mary packs up and goes to California to meet him in person.

After listening, see footage from Mary's apperance on The The Price is Right!  And don't forget, the entire Fame episode is available now on the Snap Judgment podcast, free! ) 

Produced by Anna Sussman.


The Big Break

Poet-Actor extraordinaire, Sonya Renee Taylor, finally gets the phone call she's been waiting for . . .

Listen to the entire Snap episode on the free podcast!

House of Cards

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington stumbles on a friendly card game run amok--and someone is gonna pay.

Produced by Mark Ristich and Glynn Washington

Bail Me Out

Brian Babylon’s girlfriend keeps wanting him to grow up, and he tries his best.  But when he lands them both in deep trouble with the law, Brian marshals everything he has to prove he’s a grown man.

You can hear more of Brian Babylon at

Produced by Stephanie Foo

Sugar Diddy

Kaj Hasselriis works as a journalist in Africa, and he’s looking for love. But there are a couple of issues in his way.  Kaj is gay, which poses safety issues in notoriously homophobic East Africa.  And Kaj’s rich foreigner status tends to attract men looking for a sugar daddy.  

Can Kaj navigate a sea of freeloaders and find the real deal?

Produced by Anna Sussman and Stephanie Foo

A Friendly Town

Roby, Texas was a cotton farming town struggling with years of drought and debt. But one day, the cotton gin secretary came up with an idea.  If it worked, the whole town could become millionaires . . . 

Produced by Anna Sussman

Take it, It's for You

Most of us struggle at some point to avoid fixating on money.  Performance artist Sara Juli tackled the idea head-on by handing out her life savings each night to an audience.  They can give the cash back at the end of the night, or walk out with ALL her money in their pockets.

Produced by Nick van der Kolk. Check out Nick’s marvelicious podcast, Love and Radio.

Millionaire for a Week

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington never celebrated Christmas.  He didn’t want to.  His people had something better -  a weeklong festival of excess dedicated to the Lord . . .

Produced by Mark Ristich and Glynn Washington

Mucho Gusto

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington enacted a secret plan to win over his not-yet-girlfriend’s family.  

Unfortunately, he missed out on one crucial bit of information.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Family Affair

Everybody loves their family.  But Rebecca really, really, REALLY loves her family.

Produced by Matt Miller and Mitzi Mock

Out of My League

A young man told the girl of his dreams the ultimate lie to win her heart.  And it actually worked.

(For a while.)


Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Tarnished Gold Star

After the government drafted David’s brother to Vietnam, a lie stole his story from their family.

When David pieced together what really happened, his search for the truth changed everything.

David Ledesma would like to thank the members of the 35th Infantry Regiment Association for all of their support in his research, and the men who served with his brother Joe.

Information about the 35th Infantry Regiment Association available here.   Information on David's organization, One Voice, is available here

Produced by Anna Sussman.

Seventh Grade Birthday Party

In seventh grade, Rachel Hamilton knew she wasn’t down with the “in crowd.”  What she didn’t know is how far they would go to keep her out.

Rachel Hamilton is now an improvisational actor and teacher living in New York City.  She currently performs in the long form improv duo “Hamilton & Falcon”  at the Magnet Theater in NYC.

Produced by Mark Ristich and Mitzi Mock.

Big Harley Guy

Mark Ristich was a rookie process server up for anything until he got his scariest assignment:  "Big Harley Guy."

The Steelers Van

Pennsylvania State Constables Hubie Coleman and Albert “Rocky” Younkin tried to get long-time outlaws off the street with varying degrees of success. Finally, they used their ultimate weapon: a van decorated in the NFL Steelers' colors and the team logo.

Tricksy Mix

The Tricksy Foo Mix


Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Road Trip Full Episode

This is the full episode of Road Trip.

G Train

Glynn lets you in on the secret of traveling on the cheap in Japan.

Producers: Glynn Washington and Stephanie Foo


Australian Roadkill

As Producer Stephanie Foo's father drives her home from dinner, he regales her with tales of the animals he accidentally ran over in the Australian outback.

Producer: Stephanie Foo


Travelin' Band

Scott Terry, the lead singer of the band Red Wanting Blue, has been on the road with his band for a large part of the past decade. During their first national tour, the band discovered that while traveling, it’s not often a bad idea to trust in the kindness of strangers.

Most of the music used in this piece is by the band Red Wanting Blue.

Producer: Stephanie Foo


Last Chance Cafe

A few years ago our good friend Jeff Greenwald left for a very long trip, a half-way-around-the-world trip, to catch a glimpse of a solar eclipse.  On his journey, Jeff ran into a little trouble while looking for some grub.

Check out more from Jeff on his website:

Producer: Anna Sussman

Naked Driving

When Mark Allen gets pulled over for some wild antics on the road, he tells the cops that there isn't anything suspicious in his car.  But he forgot about a few things under the seat...

This story was recorded for the fantastic Risk! True Tales Boldly Told Podcast.

Writer Mark Allen's website can be found here.

Producer: Stephanie Foo


Courir de Mardi Gras

When Rita D finds herself in Louisiana for Mardi Gras, she thinks she knows exactly what she's in for. Fancy floats, sparkly beads, flashy girls.  So when her friends throw her into their car and head out to the prairie, promising her the time of her life, she's skeptical.  But man oh man, thank goodness ignorance is bliss, because all the freaky mayhem in the world is about to break loose.

Producer: Rita Daniels

Main photo courtesy of Otis Ike.

La Paz

Anna Sussman is an intrepid traveller.  She's been all over the world. So when her husband found a killer deal on an airfare to La Paz, Bolivia they jumped on it.  

Producer: Anna Sussman


Back in the day, Snap host Glynn Washington worked as a junior diplomat in Malaysia.  He discovered that in the business of deception, you never know who the enemy is.

Producer: Stephanie Foo


Way, way, way back in the day, the first time hammer pants were in vogue, Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington worked as a junior foreign service officer in Malaysia.  Among his bosses, one CIA agent took him under his wing and showed him how foreign diplomacy is done.  But Glynn soon learned that in the business of deception, you never really know who the enemy is.

The Safe Path

Sarah Shourd, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal were hiking in the Iraqi mountains when they followed a path that took them near the Iranian border.  Suddenly, they were pawns in a game without winners.

Produced by Reese Erlich, Anna Sussman, and Stephanie Foo.




Addendum:  Since this story aired, both Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer were sentanced to eight years in prison by an Iranian court.  All have since been released.  

Josh Fatal had been traveling elsewhere prior to joining Sarah Shourd and Shane Bauer, but did not reside in Damascus. Also, Shourd was released from prison in September 2010, not August. Finally , the three were NOT aware of Iranian Kurdish guerrillas operating in the far north of the country. They simply took a well-traveled, tourist road to the Ahmad Awa waterfall.


For Love or Country

When strangers followed Miriam Moscowitz home from work one night, she thought something felt wrong. She never considered facing the betrayal of everything she held dear.

Find Miriam’s book here.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Who's Your Granddaddy?

Rita Daniels attempts to get to the truth about her grandfather’s profession.

Producer: Rita Daniels


Master fo Disguise

When the CIA had to rescue six Americans hiding in Tehran, they called on Tony Mendez, CIA Chief of Disguises.  True to form, Tony scripted a cover story made in Hollywood . . .

Find out more about Tony’s CIA adventures, check out his website.

 Producer: Mitzi Mock

Grey Zone - Full Show

This is the Full Episode of "The Grey Zone."  Subscribe to the podcast!

King of the Road

When Mehmed decides to visit  America, he celebrates by conquering the road. Mehmed discovers that in a country where nobody knows his name, anyone can be King.

 Produced by Stephanie Foo.

The Write Driver

Kate Ascott-Evans has a secret. She gets a job that means addressing her secret every day, and if she isn’t careful, somebody’s going to get hurt.

Told by Kate Ascott-Evans.  Produced by Mitzi Mock and Pat Mesiti-Miller

Point A to Point B - Joyce Lee

Snap Judgment regular contributor, Joyce Lee, takes a trip with the most important man she barely knows.

Produced by Mark Ristich

Dark Shadow

April Wolfe’s car literally had a mind of its own.  April knew exactly whose mind it was--her Aunt Janice's. Only thing was, Aunt Janice had died years ago.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Rest Stop

On a road trip through Mexico, a young couple learn the hard way why they should have used the bathroom before they left.

Produced by Anna Sussman

Never Regret A Beautiful Dress

Dressed to impress the ex, Snap Judgment’s Mitzi Mock’s adventure leads to her own unique way of stopping traffic. 

Produced by Anna Sussman and Mark Ristich

The Man: Full Episode.

The Man Full Episode

To Catch a Thief

Someone stole Karen Lodrick’s identity: her name, her money, her credit score. Life was a living hell, until one day she came face to face with the thief.

Check out Karen’s website,, to learn more about her story and get tips on identity theft protection. You can also visit if you or someone you know has experienced cybercrime.

Producer: Mitzi Mock


In 1969, serving alcohol to a known homosexual was against the law. But the Stonewall bar in New York City was run by the mob and would sell to anyone. The police raided it on a hot summer night, causing riots that changed the gay rights movement forever. Matthew Levine was there and told his account of the night to Story Corps.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Escape from Dubai

A former French spy, Herve Jaubert, moves to Dubai to build a submarine factory.  Unfortunately, things turns sour, and Herve needs to make a hasty escape.   

(Naturally, things aren't that easy . . .  )

Check out his book, Escape from Dubai.

Producer: Anna Sussman

I Will Accept the Charges

Poet, actor, playwright, teacher, Chas Jackson is an artist extraordinare.  This is his first Snap Judgment appearance (but we don’t think it’s going to be his last.)

Produced by Mark Ristich and Rita Daniels

Rwanda Sioux

This is the not-for-radio explicit version of Marc Bamuthi Joseph's "Rwanda Sioux." 

National Poetry Slam champion, Broadway veteran, GOLDIE award winner, Marc is also an inaugural recipient of the United States Artists Rockefeller Fellowship which annually recognizes 50 of the country's "greatest living artists."

In 2007, Smithsonian Magazine named him one of the Top Young Innovators in the Arts and Sciences.  Marc Bamuthi Joseph is a Baaaaadd Man!

Want MORE amazingness?  Subscribe to the Snap Judgment podcast.

Attack on the Tracks

Alan was minding his own beeswax on the New York subway.  But when a little punk started beating people up in the subway, he just had to intervene.

Producers: Nick van der Kolk, Adrianne Mathiowetz, and Stephanie Foo

La Familia

In a gang-infested neighborhood, a young girl seeks the wrong kind of family.

Producers: Anna Sussman and Pat Mesiti-Miller

Measured Response

Tanya grew up in the boonies of Oregon, where troublemakers prowled the woods looking to stir things up. But what they didn’t know is that Tanya’s sweet little mother was also  a Vietnam-era drill sergeant who took no nonsense.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Yakuza Beatdown

Glynn learns that you don't get in between the notorious Yakuza when they are handing out a beatdown.

Producer: Stephanie Foo


Privately Owned Public Open Spaces, or POPOS, are these little gardens, terraces, plazas, and seating areas that are private property, but are mandated for public use.  Blaine Merker (from the badass design activist group Rebar) showed Snap producer Stephanie Foo around a few of San Francisco’s POPOS to find out just how public these open spaces really are.


From the amazing podcast 99% Invisible.


Produced by Roman Mars and Stephanie Foo.

Blind Faith

Bartlomiej Skorupa is having a great time diving off of the beautiful beaches of Madagascar.  But there is a price for living off the grid.

Check out Bart's amazing non-profit, Groundwork Opportunities, born of this adventure.

Produced by Stephanie Foo

River Rescue

Keavy Neff thought he had it bad until he heard a man's cry for help in the Spokane River and knew that only he could help someone worse off than him. 

Produced by Mark Ristich and Pat Mesiti-Miller



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    Start Time: 03:00
    Duration: 00:30

*start times for songs are from the first word of the story.

In the Thick of the Night

In the middle of a rugged wilderness, Randy is hurt bad.  John Campou has two choices:  Get help in the middle of nowhere--or watch his friend die.

Produced by Mitzi Mock and Mark Ristich


War hits home, forcing a teenage boy to make a grown-up decision in the wake of his father’s sacrifice.

Produced by Anna Sussman

Team Rubicon

Jake Wood, a decorated Marine Corps Scout-Sniper comes home from war, and returns to a new kind of battlefield, using his wartime skills to save countless lives.


(Big thanks to Jake Wood and William McNulty.) 


Produced by Anna Sussman


See footage from Team Rubicon in Haiti:




Fighting for Air

Maribel always considered herself blessed by God. The two of them had an understanding, a relationship. But when her life is threatened, Maribel finds herself having too choose between her faith and her health. 

Produced by Stephanie Foo, Sarah Jessee and Natalia Jaeger

Snap Judgment #214: Crossing Borders

This is the full episode of Crossing Borders.

The McDonalds Travel Agency

Glynn sets off in search of orangutans and finds an underground railroad instead.

The Maya Express

Max Hardberger recounts a tale of battling pirates in the deep blue seas in an attempt to recover a stolen ship.

Max has written about his adventures on the high seas in his memoir, Seized.  To learn more about Max’s adventures, check out his website at:

Producer: Mitzi Mock

The Devil We Know

Alfredo Corchado’s parents where very supportive of his choice to become a journalist, with one condition: that he not report on drug trafficking.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Almost Me

When Mimi’s family crossed over from Bulgaria to the US after the fall of the iron curtain, many of her friends crossed into a much darker world.

Photo by Mimi Chakarova



Human Rights Film Festival (New York Premiere)

AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs Documentary Festival

Producer: Anna Sussman



American Dad

Like many others around the globe, Pilar wanted the American dream.  Her father lived in the United States and told her that he would help her cross the border from Mexico into San Diego, but Pilar soon found herself wondering if the dream was worth the journey.

Producer: Stephanie Foo