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Missing Persons

After covering the apocalypses of the Japanese Tsunami and the South Asian Tsunami, one reporter finds herself grateful for an unusual gift.  Find more of writer Krista Mhahr’s work at Time Asia Online.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Love Thy Neighbor

In the chaos of the Albanian revolution, a young mother is trapped between two savage brothers in an explosive piece by storyteller and poet Gypsee Yo.  Gypsee Yo is a native of Tirana, Albania currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia.  She’s the author of three poetry collections in her native tongue and of four audio CD collections in English, including Kitchensinkdrama and Firstborn Daughters.  Find out more at

Producers: Jamie DeWolf and Pat Mesiti-Miller

Love Shack

Quentin Boyer does the PR for an adult entertainment company.  (Yes, this link WILL take you to a NSFW website.) So when he heard about the 2012 apocalypse, he thought that building an apocalypse bunker to shield his performers would be a great PR move.  But as the date approached, he became less concerned about publicity--and more about survival.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

The End of Us

Stephanie Foo and her boyfriend became enamored with the idea of the apocalypse on a whim.  But they soon realized that it wasn’t the end of the world they were obsessed with--it was fear itself.

To see a video that Stephanie created for this story, check out her vimeo.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Salvation Summer Camp

An 8-year-old Jamie DeWolf is enjoying a new childhood crush at a Christian summer camp when suddenly everyone has to prepare for the Rapture.

Performed by Jamie DeWolf

Producer: Mark Ristich

Crisis Preparation

A Pregnant Sarah Haskins gets ready for her new baby....and for the zombie apocalypse she is certain is just around the corner.
Originally recorded for The Paper Machete--a weekly “live magazine.”  If you happen to be in Chicago go check it out every Saturday at the Horseshoe Tavern.

Producers: Lindsey Lee Keel and Renzo Gorrio

The Tea Ceremony

Glynn just arrives in Japan and he gets way more than he expected at the grocery story.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

What's Happenin' with Raj's Mom?

Earnest L. Thomas loves his mom. Sometimes she has a funny way of showing love back. Check out his new book,

Producer: Anna Sussman


Soul Food

How do you make the best meal in the world?  With love.

Mother of Many

Motherhood in the midst of war-torn South Africa brings heartache and healing to one family. 

Find out more about Lyndi Fourie at the Lyndi Fourie Foundation.

Producer: Anna Sussman

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