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Xiao Xiao

When Cindy adopted a four year old girl from China, there was a lot the two didn’t understand about each other.

Find out about Cindy’s story (and her books) at

Producer: Anna Sussman

Sound Design:  Pat Mesiti-Miller

Tongues in Training

A young devotee tries a little too hard to become the Lord's microphone.

Jamie DeWolf is an Oakland based storyteller and performer.  Hear more of his stories at 

Written and performed by Jamie DeWolf.

Scored by Stephanie Foo.

Reel Life

The only thing Simon Lewis ever wanted to do was to make movies. But when he found himself lost in a tragic script, his only option was to write himself out.

Simon wrote a fantastic book about his experience called Rise and Shine.

Simon's TED talk is also worth checking out.

Thanks to Chris Colin’s magnificent piece, "Blindsight," in The Atavist on which this radio story is based.

Additonal thanks to the Rumpus.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

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