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Babyface Bomber

What happens when a 15-year old boy in the middle of a war zone discovers a way to bomb the government? 

This piece was inspired by Shane O’Doherty's book, The Volunteer:  A Former IRA Man's True Story.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Lite Brite

Glynn's always been in the shadow of his caramel-colored cousin Virgil.  But he's about to fight back--even if that means the ultimate sacrifice.

Careful What You Ask For

Jack McCarthy is a veteran performer, poet and storyteller whose book, Say Goodnight, Grace Notes, was released in 2003 by EM Press to rave reviews. His work has appeared in a number of anthologies, including The Spoken Word Revolution, and the film Slamnation.  Jack currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

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