Glynn gets a call from a childhood friend who's alone, homeless and stranded in a place he'd rather not visit.

Those "How To Hypnotize" books? Some of them actually work. But be careful how (and who) you place under a trance. Host Glynn Washington tells the story.

In the 1950s, it was hard enough to come by a book by a black author, let alone a titillating book by a black author. In this amazing StoryCorps tale, Judge Olly Neal reflects on the first books he ever read - pilfered from the library with the help of a few observant librarians. Produced by Vanara Taing and Michael Garofalo of StoryCorps.

Whether you want to learn about Alexander the Great or get the government to stop stealing your thoughts, a librarian is always there to help.

Who you gonna call? Snap Judgment! Shawnette rings the Snap Judgment Storyline with a tale of horror and suspense. . .

Now that we've prayed at the altar of the non-judgmental, first amendment-defending, beacon of democracy librarian, we bring you this counterpoint-- The Evil Librarian. Produced by Roman Mars.

How to cope when the person you're supposed to trust the most destroys your lifelong dream. Host Glynn Washington tells his story.

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What would you do if your best friend called to say she found the Buddha? Jeff Greenwald didn’t have to be told twice - he hopped on the next flight to meet the guy for himself.


Story by Jeff Greenwald.


Produced by Roman Mars.

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