In China, local governments can often be corrupt, but you can’t bring them to court. You have to go through a long, painful bureaucratic process called “petitioning.” Some camp for years in a makeshift “petition village”, awaiting their chance at justice. Qi and her daughter Juan, just two petitioners out of millions, give everything up to find justice. The audio from this story is taken from the documentary Petition, by Zhao Liang.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

This is the full episode of Wild Kingdom LIVE!

Host Glynn Washington opens with a story of the fish that DIDN'T get away . . .


Actor, producer and fitness guru Tabitha Christopher takes the audience across the Caribbean Sea to her home island of St. Thomas, and the day when she learned the hard truth about her family’s tasty goat soup.

One of four children, Tabitha has always felt the need to fight for survival. At the age of four she began storytelling and learning to play the piano. She has since appeared on stage and screen across the country.  Tabitha turns the Snap Judgment stage into her childhood home, and gives the audience a peek inside.

(Listen now, you're gonna LOVE it!)


Journalist Thayer Walker has been chased by rhinos in Nepal and fought sharks in Guadalupe. But it wasn't until his Bolivian jungle walk, that he began to contemplate a desk job.


Dave Thomason is a stand-up comedian and writer based in San Francisco. He kept our audience juiced up during the filming of Wild Kingdom LIVE!

With heartbreaking candor, actress Kate Ascott-Evans reveals a story from her youth in South Africa as overseer for a family of mice . . .

Stealing is not cool..unless it saves a life, or two. Animator and storyteller Scott Kravitz explains why he stole from a homeless person, and wins over our Snap Judgment audience with his sneaky charisma.

Host Glynn Washington wraps up the episode with a story about escaping “the jackals” that smell blood after his “operation.”

Mistaken identity colors a decision made years later.


Produced by Rita Daniels, Anna Sussman and Mark Ristich.

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