Today!  NPR's Snap Judgment rocks a smoking-hot, one-hour television special - airing THREE times nationwide on WGBH's World TV.

The country's finest storytellers bob and weave on Stage Snap, backed by the musical stylings of the Snap Playaz.  Electric performances reinvent the Art of Story - do NOT miss it!

10:00 AM, 4:00 PM, and 11:00 PM - New York / Boston Time.  Click here for your local World TV station.

7:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 8pm - in Los Angeles (Everybody else, please figure it out depending on your time zone . . .)  Click here for your local World TV station.

The show is off the hook, you're gonna dig it!

If you can't catch the TV show, listen to the NPR radio show right here: True Confessions: LIVE!


Glynn kicks off True Confessions, LIVE!, with a story he never told his Momma . . .

Two-time Oakland Grand Slam Poetry Champion, writer, jazz artist, and teacher, Joyce Lee wondered who to trust . . . her boyfriend, or Mr. Policeman.

Actor, Delta Blues guitarist, and licensed attorney Erol Dolen recollects a journey through his own heart of darkness . . . 

To entertain us through our cameras’ tape change, San Francisco comedian Dave Thomason explains the pressures of parenthood . . .

Descendant of Scottish witches, actress Katharine McEwan explains to the Snap Judgment audience that while her British identity can fool most Americans into thinking she is pretty posh, she can never fool her own mother.

Former business strategy consultant Anneke Jong had almost everyone tricked into thinking she was all grown-up. Until she lost her teddy . .

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington has spent a lot of time in the back of a squad car.  His last time locked up, Glynn decided to use the time productively . . .

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington learns that when you get on the bus, you better dress for the ride.

While walking in San Francisco one day, Delfin Vigil noticed the name “Nikko” etched into the sidewalk.  Then Delfin saw the name again.  And again. And again.  Delfin had to know, “Who is Nikko?”

Read Delfin's chapbook, Nikko: Concrete Commando, here.
Produced by Stephanie Foo

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