Simone had never been to the middle east.  So when she landed in Beirut and found herself stranded, she told herself it would be alright to accept a ride from that handsome stranger she met on the plane . . .


Produced by Rebecca Hertz and Rita Daniels.

Snap Judgment producer Mark Ristich drops everything to get to his grandmother for her final hours.  Sweet sentiment turns into panic as paramedics, hospice workers, and his own family battle it out while Grandma Rose lies on her death bed.

Sometimes getting fired is the best that you can hope for. Host Glynn Washington keeps his head down, for once.

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After arriving home from work, Douglas Leach saw a Polaroid lying on his front step. 
He picked it up. 
He shouldn't have . . .



When an otherwise healthy young businessman starts slurring his speech, dragging his feet, and spitting up blood - his amazing road to recovery runs through Lord Shiva's Temple.

Chandra and his nerd buddies ignite a campus-wide race war.

After the keys to a Porsche magically appear on his front doorstep, Jack Boulware discovers that sometimes the car does make the man.

Glynn Washington spins a tale of what happens when the Midwest collides with Malaysian mores.

Listen here to the full hour long show, or pick from the stories below.

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