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Wanna-be Japanese gangsters drive Chris to the brink and a mighty warrior is born.
Story by Glynn Washington. Produced by Roman Mars.

Professional comic book artists reveal their first pen and ink creations.

Produced by Roman Mars and Stephanie Foo.

A medical student loses his finger on a Caribbean island in the middle  of a hurricane.  Can his fellow med students get him to an airport, off the island and to a hospital in time to save his finger?
Produced by Rebecca Hertz.

Falling in love with a superhero IS all it's cracked up to be--except  
when the guy turns out to be totally, tragically human.
Produced by Rebecca Hertz.

If you do not know him yet then it is high time you meet the Original Old School Superhero, Hanuman. Capable of defeating entire demon armies and carrying mountains over oceans, the beloved Hindu monkey God comes to the rescue.
Produced by Roman Mars and Rita Daniels.

Superman has met his match. Darnell is taking out the man of steel.

Story by Glynn Washington. Produced by Mark Ristich.

This is the full episode of The Man in the White Hat.

Frenchman Pascal loves America. He loves the scenery, the people, and most of all, his girlfriend. He loves it so much that he overstays his visa...and in El Paso, everything goes to heck. Lucky for him, there are still cowboys in Texas.
Produced by Roman Mars and Stephanie Foo.

At the end of a dark hallway lies a door.  Behind that door lurks a madman.  Two caring women approach the door and try to save him - and each other.

Thanks to StoryCorps for finding this story.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

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