As others strike it rich in the new dot com economy -  Glynn watches from the outside looking in . . .

Producer: Stephanie Foo

As others strike it rich in the new dot com economy -  Glynn watches from the outside looking in . . .

Producer: Stephanie Foo

While professional Hip Hop dancers Ryan Curren and David Bortnick are training in Los Angeles, they are approached with the opportunity of a lifetime. A soon to be pop star wants both of them as her Feature Dancers, they take the job, and celebrity ensues. . .

Ryan and David are both professional Hip Hop dancers based in California and are launching their own production companyCheck out InnerActions here.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Archie Konik is infamous for having the longest, most successful winning streak in Vegas history--racking up millions upon millions. What’s his secret? Author Michael Konik tells us. Check out Michael’s site here, and buy his book here.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Broke and living in New York City, Adam Pateman’s luck is turned around by a single baby’s shoe.

Producers: Mitra Kaboli and Anna Sussman

When Chas Jackson steals a camera at a party, his good karma turns bad.

Producers: Jamie DeWolf and Renzo Gorrio

Sometimes when we’re down, real real down, we get a little help, from some very unexpected places. When Ramona Pierson has a terrible accident, nobody expects her to recover, well, almost nobody.

Ramona is a two time Ted Talk speaker, and she has just launched her new company, Pierson Labs.

Producers: Lindsey Lee Keel and Renzo Gorrio

Jonathan Burger goes to a baseball card convention, and when he sees an opportunity to win a Ted Williams 1954 Topps card, he decides he desperately needs it--no matter what it takes.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

As a teacher, Glynn takes an unorthodox approach to discipline a little too far . . .

Producers: Mark Ristich and Renzo Gorrio


Not everyone’s born with a gift. But that’s where teachers step in. Poet and story teller David Perez takes us into the classroom for a day in the life of Brian. David Perez continues to teach and is the author of the poetry collection, “Love in a Time of Robot Apocalypse” available from Write Bloody Publishing. Find more at

Producer: Jamie DeWolf and Renzo Gorrio

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