Teacher Barbara Shipka encounters an unexpected challenge when she meets Ben because Ben isn’t just any old problem child.  Ben is a genius.

Producer: Julia DeWitt

A six year old girl is faced with a terrifying teacher, and finds a secret weapon.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Matt Peacock had two very different jobs--working as an opera critic and at the local homeless shelter. He never thought the two would ever have anything to do with one another, until a thoughtless quote in the newspaper changed everything.

Check out Streetwise Opera here, where you can check out past and upcoming performances and donate to their cause. Some of the audio in this piece originally aired in a documentary for BBC’s Radio 4, which was produced by Hannah Andrassy and Loftus Productions. Thanks so much to Matt Peacock, Loftus Productions, The BBC, and the two beautiful performers you heard--Kerry-Anne and Doc.

Producer: Stephanie Foo, Hannah Andrassy and Loftus Productions.

Justin Sweeney’s mother was a gambler, and his childhood was difficult. When it became clear that he had to make it on his own, who would take care of him?

Thanks to Justin Sweeney for his story! Justin submitted his story on our website. Submit your own right here!

Producer: Stephanie Foo

When Joe Buford’s wife hands him a letter and asks him to read it, Joe confides in her one of his biggest secrets.

This story was produced by Story Corps

Story by Dhaya Lakshminarayanan.

A mother does everything it takes to help her child to read, but all she had to do was take her on the road.

Producer: Jamie DeWolf, Anna Sussman

As a teenager, Glynn has ulterior motives in mind in order to win the Statewide “Bible Bowl” Championship.

After covering the apocalypses of the Japanese Tsunami and the South Asian Tsunami, one reporter finds herself grateful for an unusual gift.  Find more of writer Krista Mhahr’s work at Time Asia Online.

Producer: Anna Sussman

In the chaos of the Albanian revolution, a young mother is trapped between two savage brothers in an explosive piece by storyteller and poet Gypsee Yo.  Gypsee Yo is a native of Tirana, Albania currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia.  She’s the author of three poetry collections in her native tongue and of four audio CD collections in English, including Kitchensinkdrama and Firstborn Daughters.  Find out more at

Producers: Jamie DeWolf and Pat Mesiti-Miller

Quentin Boyer does the PR for an adult entertainment company.  (Yes, this link WILL take you to a NSFW website.) So when he heard about the 2012 apocalypse, he thought that building an apocalypse bunker to shield his performers would be a great PR move.  But as the date approached, he became less concerned about publicity--and more about survival.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

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