Ever have that dream where you show up at school without clothes? Well, Neil Lambert lived that dream. At the fanciest hotel in town.

Producer: Stephanie Foo


Brian O’Dea is a big time drug smuggler on his way out of the game when he gets a call from his sworn enemy with the deal of a lifetime. Buckle up for an international ride of shady characters, huge scores, and the true tale of a man who always had to keep one step ahead.

Find out more on Brian O’Dea’s website.

Producer: Jamie DeWolf

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

 As Glynn and crew are hiking up the the mountains of Japan they are blessed with the fruit from the gods.  Or so they think...

Snap Judgment's Glynn Washington gets something unexpected added to his drink . . .

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Paula Sophia Schonauer was the star cop of her precinct when she was a man. But after transitioning and becoming a female, her colleagues on the force believed she was incapable of doing her job. How was she going to reclaim their respect?

Paula Sophia is a writer, too--check out her work right here.

Producer: Stephanie Foo


A British airman is shot down over Germany during World War II, and the townspeople are thirsty for revenge.

Producer: Anna Sussman


 To the world, Richard was Washington State’s Most Wanted; a thief and a murderer. But to his chaplain, Chris, Richard was a sweet, well-meaning man who just wanted to be seen. Which version would Richard be remembered for?

Chris is a writer and a chaplain currently living in Montana.

Producer: Stephanie Foo


Sadie Brannon suffered abominable hurt as a young girl, and spent her life trying to find acceptance of those who perpetrated that hurt.

Thanks to Emile Klein for this story. Find out more about Sadie and see the incredible portrait he painted of her at his website, You’re U.S., and find out how you can help Our Community Place at their website. 

Warning: May not be suitable for children. Molestation is mentioned.

Producers: Stephanie Foo and Emile Klein


Doug Cordell is a mild mannered writer, the kind of guy who’s always writing himself into the eyes of his characters. But when the drug dealers at his apartment complex suspect him of being an undercover cop, Doug plays a dangerous game of taking on his new role. Doug Cordell is an Emmy-nominated writer and performer in the Bay Area, and is currently working on a novel.

Producers: Jamie DeWolf and Renzo Gorrio


Bernard Hare was a broker-than-broke student living on the outskirts of society. He hadn't paid rent in months, he had not been in touch with his family for a while...when the police came calling at his little hovel.

Producer: Anna Sussman


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