What happens when a 15-year old boy in the middle of a war zone discovers a way to bomb the government? 

This piece was inspired by Shane O’Doherty's book, The Volunteer:  A Former IRA Man's True Story.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Once upon a midgnight dreary, as he ponders weak weary - Glynn loses his damn mind...

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

 Susan's dog Daikon kept giving signs that an intruder was haunting her old Victorian in New Orleans.  Then one night in October, the intruder crossed the line....

Producer: Mark Ristich, Erin Neff and Renzo Gorrio


 Alan worked at a mental hospital in the midwest. He asked to be transferred to the acute ward, which housed some of the most psychotic people in the area. His request was approved...

Producer: Nick van der Kolk.


 Snap gets a visit from the most tortured storyteller of all time - The Prince of Darkness.

Producer:  Pat Mesiti-Miller


While working with cocoa farms in South America, a chocolatier takes a trip to Peru and tours the catacombs of the Iglesia de San Francisco. Surrounded by bones, Brad takes a haunting picture that stays with him in the worst way.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller



Nate DiMeo, creator of the wonderful history podcast, “The Memory Palace” (listen, you will love it), drops a haunting story of people with good intentions...but horrific execution. 



Snap storyteller Jeff Greenwald dives into water that holds far more than just secrets.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Snap producer Stephanie Foo has always been petrified of ghosts. So we sent her to one of the most haunted locations in San Francisco--the abandoned tunnels underneath the Warfield Theater.

Watch the teaser trailer and see some of the creepy rooms of the Warfield right here. 



Nature attacks Glynn’s family when they least expect it . . .

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller


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