Ariana Delawari and her father chose to fight for peace in Afghanistan, with two very different weapons.

Check our Ariana Delawari’s film, "We Came Home." 

Producer: Anna Sussman


A fellow student gives Glynn insight into what really matters.

Producer:  Mark Ristich

A young aid worker goes to teach school in a Kenyan village, and finds the roles reversed when the students teach the most valuable lesson of all.

Producer: Anna Sussman

Jake Wood, a decorated Marine Corps Scout-Sniper comes home from war, and returns to a new kind of battlefield, using his wartime skills to save countless lives.

(Big thanks to Jake Wood and William McNulty.)

Produced by Anna Sussman and Glynn Washington

Stealing is not cool..unless it saves a life, or two. Animator and storyteller Scott Kravitz explains why he stole from a homeless person, and wins over our Snap Judgment audience with his sneaky charisma.

Original Music by Alex Mandel
Performed Live by Alex Mandel and The Snap Judgment Players

April Wolfe’s car literally had a mind of its own.  April knew exactly whose mind it was--her Aunt Janice's. Only thing was, Aunt Janice had died years ago.
Produced by Stephanie Foo

When he hears the roar, Storn White knows he made a mistake, and prays for the mountain to forgive him.  The mountain has other plans.

Story by Storn White.

Producer:  Mark Ristich
Interview: Glynn Washington

Although most musicians spend decades honing their craft, musical genius Derek Amato never had to practice a day in his life. One day, he just sat down at the piano and his fingers began to fly across the keys with ease. As an immediate musical genius, Derek is one of the few people on Earth diagnosed with Acquired Musical Savant Syndrome. Derek takes us into the inner workings of his amazing gift.

Producers: Anna Sussman and Pat Mesiti-Miller

Writer April Wolfe finds an odd job cleaning out hoarder houses. On her first assignment, she finds trash, pants, scrapbooking supplies, and a sad and beautiful history of the woman who lives there.

Check out April’s incredible writing on her blog.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

First they found out the worst news imaginable. Then they found a light in the darkness.

To learn more about Elena and how you can help other kids like her, visit the Desserich’s website.

Producers: Anna Sussman and Glynn Washington

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