In a stressful world Glynn finds one man on whom he can always unload his burden. Until that man turns against him.

Shannon spends his days on the street corners preaching to the masses, but his biggest temptation is his partner in salvation.

When the owner of the bar asks comedian Joe Klocek NOT to make fun of his confederate flag….


A young woman feels trapped in her body, until one day she finds the perfect getaway vehicle.

Rives goes head to head with karma and the supernatural in a small LA bistro.

Vijai discovers that once you lose your virginity it is almost impossible to get it back. Almost.

Glynn's high school guidance counselor has a great way for him to save money on college tuition. Don't go to college.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Law student James Judd is not quite ready for prime time as an attorney. Until he meets his dream client. Performed at Snap LIVE! at the Ann Arbor Power Center

Producers: Glynn Washington, Mark Ristich and Jamie DeWolf

Original Music: Alex Mandel
Performed by : Alex Mandel and the Snap Judgment Players

Journalist Hamilton Morris tells us the story of how one man's monomaniacal quest to become the world's greatest mycologist takes him down a path of intrigue, murder and mushrooms.

Learn more about Steven Pollock’s story by reading Hamilton’s article for Harper’s magazine.

Producer: Stephanie Foo



What would happen if we let our kids do whatever they want, whenever they want? KALW's Crosscurrents host, Hana Baba interviewed author Samina Ali to learn about her complicated relationship with her son.

Producer: Stephanie Foo with Hana Baba

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