What happens when your three-year old’s toys actually spring to life? 

Read all about Gary Jansen’s story in his book Holy Ghosts.


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Glynn's takes up the cello to impress his illustrious music teacher, Mr. Hansen. But when his instrument is grievously damaged, he is forced to improvise.

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A scientist lost in the jungle breaks a cardinal rule when confronted with a 4 foot tall, hairy beast.

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Daryl Davis is a boogie woogie pianist who’s played with Bill Clinton, Bruce Hornsby, and Chuck Berry. But we wanted to talk to him about another group of his friends.

Daryl Davis wrote a book about his experiences with the Klan in a book called “Klan-Destine Relationships.”

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Marc Hawthorne loves Third Eye Blind. Like, loves them. So when he finally gets the chance to strike up a pseudo-friendship with the band’s lead singer, Stephan Jenkins, he takes their relationship seriously--maybe a little too seriously.

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Snap's Glynn Washington thinks he's going home again. He's not . . .

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Jason was on a round-the-world trip circumnavigating the globe on his own two feet, using only human power. Everything was fine until he ran into the counter current, a huge patch of the ocean where water flows backwards.

For more about Jason’s thirteen-year circumnavigation of the globe, check out his book, The Expedition: Dark Waters.

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When you are from a tough neighborhood, and you get a job in law enforcement, enforcing the rules on your childhood friends can be tricky.

You can find out more about Gary from his book.

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Jane gets a call from her high school boyfriend who had dumped her 9 years earlier. He says he has lost his memory and doesn’t know who she is, but... he needs her help.

To learn more, read Kevin Whitehead’s book Happy Accident - Fate Not Fatal.

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Mike Ramsdell served as a covert operative for the federal government. He was assigned to capture and extract a high level target from Russia, but the mission went horribly wrong. Check out a fictionalized account of the story at and you can personally contact Mike at


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