Joshua Walters, beatboxer, storyteller and poet, cranks a tale of family tension past the breaking point when Nana’s Netflix delivery goes horribly wrong.


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Joshua Walters is a true “Renaissance Man,” excelling in all manner of performance art.  Joshua chronicled his battle with bipolar disease in the acclaimed one-man show, "Madhouse Rhythm," and advocates nationally for mental health patients, using humor to reframe his experience.  
Last year, Joshua released his first music album, "Grow the Good," to widespread critical and audience acclaim.  Joshua’s work has appeared on ABC, HBO, and MTV.  He is a regular contributor to Snap Judgment.


Discover more about the world of Joshua Walters at and check out an absolutely adorable picture of Joshua and his beloved Nana right here.

Joyce Lee, two-time National Poetry Slam Champion, exposes both her sacred and profane sides to a roaring Snap Judgment crowd.  After bursting onto the poetry slam scene in 2008, Joyce proved a versatile storyteller, singer, poet, and actor--routinely mixing all her passions into the same performance.

In addition to storytelling, Joyce regularly features with Valarie Troutt and the Fear of a Fat Planet, a jazz ensemble.  In the past few months, Joyce has astonished audiences in world-famous locations including San Francisco’s Yoshi's, da Poetry Lounge in LA, and New York's NuYorican Poets Cafe.

When it comes down to his place in life Jamie deWolf says  "My life ain't nothin but prologue." His future passes before his eyes as the spotlight turns to his daughter Nadia.


Check the video from Jamie at Snap Judgment LIVE!



Performer, teacher and filmmaker Jamie DeWolf reigned as both the Oakland and Berkeley Grand Poetry Slam Champion.  Jamie created the amazing Tourettes Without Regrets (a variety / vaudeville / comedy / slam show), founded the Suicide Kings performance trio, performed as an HBO Def Poet, and recently completed directing, acting and starring in the feature length film “Smoked.”   Jamie has performed everywhere from Moscow, Russia to San Quentin Penitentiary.

Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington recalls battling his family curse as a young boy. 

Get the pocast, and hear why Ira Glass called Snap Judgment, "Amazing.  Like a cousin of This American Life that grew up in a wildly different neighborhood . . . "

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Snap Judgment host Glynn Washington recalls a very, very, very secret bit of family lore.

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If you're a Syrian citizen named Mohamad Al-Baghdadi, immediately after 9/11 might not be the best time to board a plane without your green card. But Mohamad thinks, "Hey, what's the big deal?"

He's about to find out . . .

Produced by Glynn Washington and Stephanie Foo

When Vicki Crooks was five years old, her parents lured her out of school in Bolivia with promises of a trip to Disneyland. They never made it. Nineteen years later, Vicki reveals the story of a family trapped between two worlds. 

Vicki's situation is a common one.  The DREAM Act is a bipartisan legislation recently introduced into congress that would grant amnesty to people from foreign countries who were brought her as young children. Check it out here.

Produced by Rita Daniels

Michael Pearl decided to reconnect to his Jewish heritage. He booked a trip to Poland, where his family lived before the holocaust. Mike sought out the cemetery where his great-grandparents lay buried, but wound up uncovering some strange and ugly truths.

Following are some of the pictures referenced in the journey:

-The town of Raciąż.

-A barely-visible headstone.

-The cemetery.

-A picture of the samaritan giving Mike's driver directions. 

Produced by Stephanie Foo

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