James just wanted to film the war in Liberia. But bloody conflicts dirty even the cleanest of hands. Find out more about James Brabazon’s story in his book, “My Friend the Mercenary.”

Producer: Anna Sussman

Jonathan Kiekbusch discovered he had a secret talent that people would pay for.   If someone wanted breakup with their girlfriend or boyfriend, but didn’t have the guts -- Jonathan would handle the dirty work.

Producer: Joe Rosenberg

Glynn lands a primo gig selling a gadget that sells itself.

Producer: Renzo Gorrio

Glynn jumps feet first into the job hunt only to be stopped dead in his tracks.

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

When given a chance to exact revenge, a man has to decide how much he wants it.

Producer: Lina Mistizis and Julia DeWitt

A young soccer player lives out his dream in one of the most dangerous places in the world: Juarez.

Producer: Nancy Lopez

Growing up in the Soviet Union, Edward Frenkel thought that a career as a mathematician would provide refuge from his country's repressive political climate. Instead, it left him out in the cold. Check out Edward Frenkel's book Love And Math.

Producer: Joe Rosenberg

When Glynn is tormented by bullies at school, he fights back with the hidden power of the Golden Lotus

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Danish shipping CEO Per Gullestrup knew how to drive a hard bargain, but when he learned that twelve of his employees were being ransomed by pirates, he faced most important negotiation of his life.

Producer: Joe Rosenberg

Josh Healey’s drama club crush picks The Vagina Monologues for the school play... featuring him in the starring role.

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Performed live at Snap LIVE! in LA
Music: Alex Mandel

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