In 2006, a wolf was born in Yellowstone who would become a legend in her own time. For more about the 06 Female and the debate surrounding wolves in Yellowstone, be sure to check out Jeff Hull's article in Outside Magazine and Nate Rott's special report for NPR.

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In 1967, one man in New Mexico sought justice in the most unlikely way, turning him into a fugitive. Some called him a bandit, others a hero.

Producer: Nancy Lopez

It’s hard to work in an office where nobody cares. But it’s even harder to pretend you do.

A version of this story originally appeared in The Billfold. Michael Hobbes is on Twitter and has a blog.

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Glynn would fall off a mountain to please his sensei, but he can’t stay awake in class.

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Imagine waking up and knowing only one thing about your life: your twin brother.

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Find out more from Alex and Marcus Lewis's book "Tell Me Who I Am."


Everyone in Pumpkintown is hunting for Sasquatch... except Ben Becker. He's the dude in the Bigfoot suit skulking through forests, striking terror and amazement in the hearts of tourists and locals alike.

This story originally came from Jeff Emtman's podcast Here Be Monsters.

Producer: Jeff Emtman

A young girl is faced with the overwhelming question: Could you ever replace your mom?

Special thanks to Ted Conover for his article that inspired this story.

Producer: Nancy López

Charles Farrell knew everything there was to know about the sport of boxing, but he still had a lot to learn about the business.  


Farrell is a musician, a former boxing manager and, most recently, a writer from Massachusetts.


For more on why he fixed fights, and for more great boxing stories, check out his on his article in Deadpsin Magazine.       

Producer: Joe Rosenberg


Leigh Sprague is a lawyer in Moscow working for an oligarch billionaire. He figures he can hold himself above his peers, make some money, and get out. Leigh soon finds out that there is no honor among thieves.

Learn more about Leigh at

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Sound Design: Leon Morimoto

Just because Keith Ford was homeless, didn’t mean he wasn’t popular with the ladies.


This is story was adapted from Kaitlin Prest’s show Audio Smut, which takes a refreshingly unflinching look at matters of sex and sexuality.  You can listen to episodes on their website or subscribe to their podcast on iTunes.  


Producer: Kaitlin Prest

Co-Producer: Joe Rosenberg

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