Bells Atlas joins Snap LIVE! Tour

Oakland's experimental soul group Bells Atlas has joined Snap LIVE! as the new touring house band!  In the words of host Glynn Washington, this 4-piece is "made of magic and popsicles".  Blending R&B, post-pop psychedelia, and tropical rhythms among other colorful flavors, Bells Atlas invokes worlds of infectious melodies, riffs, feels and polyrhythms.  The group's live score backdrop brings a unique sound all their own to the Snap stage.  You can find their self-titled debut album and Hyperlust EP on Bandcamp, iTunes and Spotify.  Stay tuned for new music and tour dates via

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"The California band sound alluringly exotic... they're the complete mystical package." -NME Magazine


"Eminently chill and sexy in equal measure but with out of this world complexity and musical sophistication... This is the kind of record that kickstarts movements" -Afropunk


"It's pretty easy to get lost in the group... lush harmonies fill your ears... their groove is anything but ordinary." -Okayplayer


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