The Big Payback - Snap #502

You knew it was coming. The day has arrived, and the universe wants its due. On the next Snap Judgment from NPR and PRX, "The Big Payback."

Against The Ropes

Five sons enter the wrestling ring, but only one walks out alive.

Producer: Anna Sussman
Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

It Began With A Lie

After an alleged killer steals his identity, Mike Finkle decides the truth is worth searching for.  

Producer Anna Sussman with assistance from Julia Dewitt

Poster Boy

Glynn writes a humor column for his school newspaper, and can do no wrong. But when one of his jokes seriously misfires he is forced to do some deep soul searching.

Producer:  Mark Ristich
Sound Design: Stephanie Foo

Pool Hustle

You're never too young to be a hustler.  Nason tells his story.

Find more of the magic David Weinberg works on his podcast, Random Tape.

Producer: David Weinberg