Breaking In - Snap #116

Everyone’s been there. Standing on the outside, feeling like a fish in an aquarium, looking in at something--whether it’s a group of friends, a lifestyle or a job--and thinking, “That right there, that’s where I want to be.”  But in order for them to let you in, they’ve gotta notice you. Today, Snap Judgment proudly presents stories about people finding unusual ways to break in to their dreams.

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Some Girls

Jillian Lauren had goals. She was studying at NYU to become a glamorously wealthy, Oscar-winning actress. But then she landed a potentially life-changing audition.  The new gig might not require knowledge of Shakesperean sonnets, but it’s got all the glamour and bling of Hollywood. It’s all she ever hoped for...isn’t it?

Check out Jillian's site and book here.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Expert and Above

Sean Flannery needs a job, and he’s desperate enough to lie his way through an interview.  Until he gets zinged.

Sean was named the Best Stand-Up Comic of 2010 by the Chicago Reader, and he has a one-man show called Never Been to Paris.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Breaking Station

Erin always wanted to be one of the guys.  As the only female working on an Alaskan fishing boat, she seizes the chance to prove that she’s just as macho as the next dude. 

Produced by Mark Ristich and Rita Daniels.

Straight Camp

Straight reporter Ted Cox goes undercover at a religious gay-to-straight conversion camp.  He finds that lying about being gay to get the story is a lot easier before you meet the men in the program. You can read Ted's article about his experiences here.

Produced by Roman Mars.

Vagina Report

Rebecca Hertz is a star student, to get into her dream college she simply needs to ace one final presentation.  So Rebecca chooses the most compelling subject she can think of: female anatomy.

Produced by Rebecca Hertz.

Lady Sovereign vs. Jelly Donut

Everybody’s got that list. Dead or alive, which celebrity would you have dinner with? Which star would you cheat on your husband with? Who would you drink Cristal with on a giant yacht?  For Zach Slow, his dream date was the international rapper Lady Sovereign.  So Zach and his friend Jelly Donut embarked on a campaign to turn his dream into reality.

This piece was excerpted from Nick van der Kolk’s podcast, Love + Radio. Listen to the whole thing right here. 

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Glynn-great episode-really enjoyed it!
Hmmm-interesting that the woman in the first story lived with a prince and they both became bored. A very powerful lesson-you can have every material thing, but those material things are worth nothing if you don't have the ability to connect with anyone emotionally. The prince had everything he thought he wanted, but he didn't want any of those things. Perhaps in a parallel universe he could start giving his material things away and gain his humanity.
I suspect it won't be in this universe, though.