Campfire Tales II - Snap #618

Last year Snap dropped the scariest stories right in your lap just in time for vacation, and this's baaaaaack. Snap Judgment proudly presents "Campfire Tales II."

Gather Round

Gather round everyone and get close to the fire. Campfire light is the only light in the darkness.

One Man's Bargain

When Ken’s crazy neighbors go into foreclosure, he starts eyeing their 10-acre farmstead. Everyone tells him it’s cursed, but of course, Ken doesn’t believe in those silly things. Until mysterious events start engulfing his family . . .

Thanks so much to Emile Klein for venturing into the haunted house to get this story. Check out his storytelling and art project, You’re U.S.

Producer: Stephanie Foo and Emile Klein

The Chinese Seer

Lee kept seeing things, hearing voices and noises late into the night.  As Lee’s mind slowly lost its grip on reality, a Chinese mystic (thousands of miles away) lent a helping hand.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Mo' Poltergeist, Mo' Problems

It’s not easy to scare a fifth degree black belt and professional martial arts instructor.  But it can be done...

Producer: Jamie Dewolf and Anna Sussman

The Invisible Children

What happens when you spend your life savings on a dream house, and find out someone else’s family already lives there?  Explore the full story in Kathleen Mcconnell’s book, Don’t Call Them Ghosts.

Producer: Anna Sussman. Sound design by Renzo Gorrio.