Chapter 18

Chapter 18
The critic really wants to go to Costa Rica.
Part of me wants to wait and go next year.  Why should you get to go there right now and you do what you do to me.  Maybe I'll wait and make this chapter a poem to my favorite Siracha.  Oh, I know what I should do.  Its the day after calling the pussy a pussy.  My monday the real worlds saturday.  I went into work and my shift is changed to an afternoon at the restaurants line serving lunch.  So thats pleasant.  I can burn this tantrum off a little bit more.  I went to housings office to schedule the appointment over the incident.  Im oblivious right now.  Its Saturday and they are closed for the weekend.  and it will be as simple as the, I won't use the term pussy,  walked to the window between us and basically made childish faces at me and I erupted and walked in to check availability of laundry machines and made sure my shit talk was direct opposed to his coward.  He's smaller then me.  I imagine him in his grown mans body the size of a knee high child holding a balloon.  
No, sorry critic…were not going to Costa Rica yet. Maybe work on your behavior.  Be a have.
the critic says "how sad."
I'm going to let housing know I should talk to a counselor who I'm going to let read this story.  And were going to try some resolve.  What do you guys think as the readers?  What would the counselors response be.
The communities incurred delusion as they harass in whisper when they near you or truly schizophrenic.  
the critic laughed.
The t.v.  played a joke on me this morning apparently rolling in my sleep I turned the t.v. on and the volume turned maximum, blasting for like fifteen seconds while I searched for the remote.  
I sure hope the co-workers at work don't want to give me a hard time as they must know I definitely don't call people pussies at work.
The critic says I should be social.
The incident half a year ago has made me wall up more then ever before.  I get no communication because they are to busy talking amongst themselves loud enough for me to hear to try to get me mad enough to call them a pussy to which they practice being baffled.
Hey critic!  Suck my dick.
I hope the critics not let me publish this one on purpose!