Chapter 28

Chapter 28
This will be 45 minutes of the fans of an MMA fight on T.V. talking at me.
"James likes her."
"James up."
"Why'd you write it?"
"Write E."
"Stick with her."
"They'll keep you."
"You gave up."
"Your savior."
"James lost her."
"Why try?"
"Nice work."
Pause……my roommate is having a conversation with his girl friend now and ruining this chapter as he plays hide shit talk at me…..I won't quote him, but I'd like him to go so I can listen to the fans of this fight please.  I'm leaving soon.  glad you got to be a part of this.  Un-pause.  
"James up."
"Gay steak."
"They all fail."
"They'll share."
"we wreck you."
"best wait."
"Your red."
"James, use it."
"Try lelu."
"Your with us."
"I'll please you"
"Wake up"
"James gave up."
"Be easy."
"Try sister."
"Your bad at wrestling."
"Stop rap."
"Chefs up."
"Bad eraser."
"Your viral."
"Use E."
"Try your camera"
"We see you."
"Were all easy
"Be simple."
"They all see you."
"Say owe"
"We steal."
The critics outside my window need to understand this chapter isn't for them to have what they say put in it.  Its for the fans of the MMA fight only.
"Say thank you."
I'm glad the critic is all sure.  This chapter isn't about you critic.
"I pass you."
"James up."  This one is several times a minute.
"Were all sorry."
"Try your camera."
"They won."
"James will smoke you."
"Save her."
"I'll fight."
"You talk shit."
"I love you."
"James played you."
"Your saken, sad rapper."
"Try lee."
"I slap her."
"bad call.."
"I'll pass you."
"Paul calls you."
"Bad style."
"This is our chapter."
"James got you."
"Thats it."
"James calls you."
"He's A-sexual."
"See lisa."
Critics outside my window…..shut up.
"Bad for you, James is main land."
"Be chill."
"Bad chef."
"Bad for jail."
"Say stop."
"We'll all lose it."
"Your a bad typer."
"James up."
"They control you
"I'll please you."
"Why write."
"bad for larry"
"you the bitch."
"bob toad"
"God plays you."
"James lost you."
"Please stay."
"I cheat."
"James, I'll fail."
"Be Chef."
"Bad for you."
I should be the closed caption writer for this fight.
"James stops rap."
"Be fair."
"James a writer."
"Please stop."
"They know."
"Talk Bopi"
"Like E"
"your that pervert."
"James sat up."
"Real bad typer."
"We kid."
"Our chapter."
"I'll fun I'm"
"Please rap."
"They like that."
"Use it."
"Please share."
"Your with life"
"We fix it."
"James up."
"James a grin."
"Why fight."
"james stayed."
"See that cow girl."
"James stopped her"
"James way up."
"James liked it."
"Your bad with a bell"
"Why fight it."
"James Sober."
"Your bad to barron"
""Best chapter."
"Go smoke."
"Try tricky"
"Foul college."
"I like you."
"Fast call me"
"Please go"
"Say stop"
"you messed the best fight."
"We saw you up"
"Why try"
"Fast rap."
"Speak to selling"
Wow, what a really great fight.  Bunch of weird fans, though.  And I got called a gimp at the end.  I'm recording this never ending redundancy for my health.  You people make me sick.