chapter 35

Chapter 35
Critic, all you had to do was say your favorite cloud and you wouldn't.  Now we have to go to the next chapter.  You want to play by your rules, I get no rules.  You are a ruthless tyrant that needs my land.  I am Gypsy to you.  I will evolve and take the oceans again just to go away from you.  
You could have said anything about clouds and then we could have played the game I wanted to.  But you didn't.  You could have said, fluffy, little, big, huge moungus.  You could have said you like rainy ones, barley visible ones.  You could have said you liked triple point clouds, clouds in your pants.  I wouldn't have cared.  But you won't play my game, and I have to play your game.  And who the fuck died and made you god?
Your a piece of shit critic.  You can suck a big fucking dick, so big that your just giving a whale a hickey big.  And you can hold hands and do it.  Your lucky you won't talk to me critic.  Because I would talk you into cutting your own feet off and walking into the ocean until your gone.  Fuck you critic.  A bag of dicks for you.  A bag of all your critic dicks given back to you as a prize.  First place in my heart you stupid critic.  I hope an elephant sits on you.  I hope a future speices finds your shit head bag of bones stuck in an elephant and uses their space ship to send you away from here without the elephant.
Now its late, and I will wake up early and do a wonderful job for me.  And I don't know if I work with the critic.  I don't know if the critic is a made up delusion of grander.  I don't know who you are your creepy sickening.  But I have to play your petty pretend talk just to get along, and I will.  Until I won't, and then……….FUCK!!!!!!!!!
I'll try because I don't need to associate with weak people.  I've come back to my old room for a moment to gather some things.  I'm watching tv with an ear phone in listening to music.  My roommate has already whispered he cheats, I'm a racist, and support for their new famous people fuel against me.  I hope he understands, when we can talk about this, I won't with him.  They wanted to be a week hand held operation.  Thats what they can be a part of.  Anyone that supported the negative of my life will not be a part of my life.  And my life can only get better.  If you weren't' there for me, I will not be there for you.  I wish you the best for your future, but I will not help you in any way.  And nothing more then common pleasantries for you as interaction goes.  He says play fair.  Grow up you pussy.  I'm done here.  Need a hex wrench to undo this bed, grab the divider and tv tomorrow, and I'm out.  I have no idea what these peoples problem was or why they "had to,"  But they won't be able to lie about it to me and involve me in any serious conversation.  Good luck you fucking parrot waste of my time. 
Thank you for asking critic.  I will write because I gives a bit of sanity.  Since you people are going to go out of your way to try and make me insane to the point where I am actually feeling my brain deteriorate and have these violent lashes that I hurt myself physically or experience bouts of turrets that are not healthy and only serve as your entertainment as you get to be a part of what "rap" is now.  I will write.  I will quote you people and make you people the ones that make my life this way.  Thank you, you trash people.