Chapter 39

Chapter 39
Ok, Counselour.  That night went much faster.  What happened?  Half a bottle of whiskey and a couple beers and putting up with my voyeurs was a walk in the park.  
I don't remember if we stayed up all night talking at each other, because at one point I blacked out.  That was awesome.  Their harassment was thwarted.  Now I have to go to work.  I have to carry heavy really hot things, but I have to use sharp knives too.  Its early in the morning.  I put the Feloship on but my iPad decided I would watch Transformers.  Watch a movie and reflect at how difficult of a day yesterday was to put up with.  Some important people are in the park now.  A great artists son I grew up with, a great boss and my boy.  But how can we communicate.  These people get near as in on my bus rides or in the lobby when I return to make sandwiches.  What are we supposed to talk about?  I'm tired of pretending to talk.  Hey, sit down and have some beers with some friends.  And are they going to get away with knowing I have a camera inside my body that flys around like a space ship.  It can attach to my jawls, or the backs of my eyes and can almost get control of my body accept I turn it down because it has to ask me to do something as simple as move "your arm."  Its their leach drone transformer they've implanted in my body.  An they know and would get away with letting this transformer be inside me and retain relations in communication.   They wouldn't help me get it out?  Someone has a bug on me.  There is no way you can find me sometimes without GPS.
The critic is concerned with why I should "try."
It sounded last night as if a concert was being played at my window.  That and then I blacked out.  Some one with a casset tape box in their hand held at my window with a famous rapper doing a rapping on stage and he was talking at my window about things I didn't hear because I got drunk and fell asleep.
Shut the fuck up you pathetic pussy.
So, counselor,  that too is an issue I need to put up with.  Anger management.  I can't call people pussies at work or be mad when they try to make me mad because keeping my job is so important.   The critic was trying to make me angry again.  And I lashed out at them by jumping from an unfinished sentence to make sure they knew I was talking to their interruption.   
The trick is to avoid acting out or falling into a trap.  If I jump into my own tiger trap that has a lazy boy, table, and t.v.  instead of spikes and can pull a bunch of leaves over my head and thats how I will treat people socially.  At work when the sexy women are going to make me walk into a wall with some flash light chasing trick.  These women are going to need to fess up before there can be any relation.  I've told them before, counselor.  I've given the critic an ultimatum.  They can tell me to my face how they know the people they constantly whisper support of, or they can be a person who hasn't and then the relation can happen.
The critic wants to "trap" me now.  I am getting up to take a shower now critic.  It is a little early to me hanging out right now.  Maybe later, after lunch.  Let me throw a stick or something.  Go get it critic.  And then SLAM.  the doors shut.