Chapter 40

Chapter 40
My first smoke of the morning was George Bush Senior with his perfect stature to blinding son.  I realize I have the best view in the park again.  When I first moved here my roommate got into a dispute with the next door neighbor over how long the loud music had been played.  So played I left my closest window to the rock feature.  
My evening is crushed with my student body president in old man dress up as I the store for laundry and caffein.  I'm moving further and further away from the rock feature.
I sang to my neighbor just a moment ago jumping from box car to box car in my new housing of the grown up version of the box car children.  The one I messed with a couple chapters ago.  She ran out screaming "security" in a rage a day or two ago because she either invaded my minds space, or I invaded hers.  I asked her if she wanted a condom, in a cognitive morning dame dream.  The next thing I know and I'm still watching an iPad movie on a television because of my lack of cable and she has a group of people in my new courtyard and she called me "cute.," to my window.  And I have to deal with this before I've brushed my teeth or taken my jammeys off.  
Work was long.  I left dinner at work.  Two of them!  I'm starving!  Two Ceasar salad raps in wheat tortillas. With crunchy croutons and parmesan cheese and chicken all inside.  The morning was met with co-workers that don't really have to work, and get paid absorbanament amounts of funds as a lazy pay check to walk around and play noise pollution social commentary with the reason I started these chapters.  They pay the rapist to to try and get near me in the morning and get to talk at my new window that I moved really far away from.  Did you want to not get really far away from hurt before I let just pain do.  I know your really cool and all any of you can do when your around each other,  is whisper at me in you disorienting real life day seam.  But, I don't know what if your trying to do is keep your job, or what?  But go away from me.  I have a go away from me jar.  And  your in it.
Elivis touched my asshole!  Groped it.  and thats ok, and its ok for Elivis Presley and I to have Butt sex because its cool.  Is what I've learned.  
And I'm supposed to go and learn something.  That or under stand that a person that looks like Elvis Presley as what he might have been as an old man and have he be the one that is going to push a button.  
I'm swinging in rage.  I will hurt you in a fist fight.  Go away.  I will make your assaphugus sound like your ankle breaks when I break it.  Go away.
The girl I asked out in chapter 32, (I hope that is the right chapter because if you can't tell, I don't check spelling errors or you need to understand my lack of need to re-read them.) needs to understand that i don't understand and I'm erasing the last of this sentence.
I played with my laser.
I wet my bed, or I spilled a bottle of whiskey
I left my laundry in the dryer,  I'm a bad neighbor.
Now I think they tried to wake me up with spiked water. It doesn't smell like whiskey.
I showed my tits to the  T.V.  its going to be a great day.
Or got woke up with someone that broke in and pissed on me.  
Elvis visited my window first thing this morning and started talking at me so I left.  It was a long day.  I think people that actually read and write are visiting the hotel.  She touched me.  No one touches me.  Why is she touching me.  I thought you guys had a rule on not touching me.  Except for Elvis.  So now I expect her to make sure this guy, "James," is a part of her life, and every passing car will have her and him in it.