Chapter 42

Chapter 42
Fuck this stupid chapter.  This shit sucks.  My parents get here this weekend.  I've finished my work week, and I have two days until normal peoples weekend.  I need to go get the rest of my stuff, or even ask for storage, or make a final decision that I will live in a tent with internet, but no cable.  Or I can stay in the Box Car Children fairly land and have cable but no internet.  
Auto spell correct just changed the "but" ten words ago into a buy.  I think the critic is trying to influence my decision.  You critics are lucky I might have been leaning that direction anyway.
Back to what I was thinking about critic!
My mother played dress up two or three times since I've been off work.  Walking passed me in costume.  I think my father twice.  They visit in three days.  I need to get a hold of them to appropriate their arrival.  I won't even be in town.  I will be visiting you lovely counselor.  Not so far from this miserable far off majestic wilderness.
I just imagine if I had nothing to do all day except make my children go crazy.  If I could just be in kindergarden again and instead of being at school I could walk passed my parents in a different costume all day.  I need to make sure I elevate no stress levels with my parents.  I half way killed them with my adolescence pain i put them through.  And now I need to negotiate time and sentence structure of what is going on in my life as we reunion.  Probably not as deep as this book, but as far to say I'm visiting a counselor.  I wonder if my family knew what I was really going through the last time I saw a counselor while they were getting blow jobs and entertainment mongals fancies.  So, what you get to find out, parents, Is that I am more sick then before when I was sick.  I learned statistics of the disease I contracted when I was two and now more certain of a mental inbalance that is hindering.  That hindered me all growing up.  
Anyway, glad your here parents.  I am still in transition moving all day tomorrow.  I have to move a bunk bed and an air conditioner and I want to do it on my bike because the truck I could borrow is housings and housing only plays games of secret traps to make me not get to live here anymore.  Hand holding, they get to call me a horrible word, power over me.  As they play pretend talk and whispers.
I think they call buying the girl that can get near me, loaning me.  I'm for loan.  Get your loan.  I'm a loan.
Anyway glad you're here parents.  I hope you are doing well.  I hope the plans you want to talk about to influence my future are you own.  I really won't go back to that city to have an entire community I grew up with get to play side walk games.  I will go where there aren't sidewalks.  
I know I'm bad for her critic.  I'm bad for them all.  Did you watch me write the chapter before this.  Sorry to let you know book reader.  But I take away paragraphs and words, and thoughts all the time that the critic has the power to try and influence.  And you don't get to read them.
Very funny critic.  That was the most funny thing all day.  I'm glad you bring it up now.  I will not tell the reader.  Because you are something that I won't tell you, not because of its horrendousness, or vulgar raw anger toward you, or because you are stealing time from me as I write my diary.  As if you are the angle and devil on my shoulders.  And your not.  So I will not tell you what you are.  Go away.
But parents, welcome.  I'm on my best behavior.  I promise not to use my outdoor voice, because you will never understand.  Lets enjoy.  Not whisper.  As I will retort with the schizophrenia levels being explained flying at an exponating rate.  While were at it I'll wish a wish for you and you guys now get a small micro machine sized earth and moon orbiting the moon, satellite.  And you can control it from your phone incase a degree field is coming in.
They took my internet away.  Chuck Noris is here.