Circus, Circus - Snap #316

Step right up, sneak under the Big Top, and put your head directly into the lion’s gaping jaws.  This week, Snap Judgment proudly presents the greatest show in the land, “Circus, Circus.”

Real Boy

Snap Judgment explores the origin of Glynn's VERY large nose . . .

Producer: Pat "The Automaton" Mesiti-Miller

Circus Soviet

The collapse of the soviet union left thousands of elite circus performers out of a job, so where else would they go, but Vegas? Find out more about the Russian circus preformers in Vegas on Kim Palchikoff’s blog,

Producer: Anna Sussman

Razzle Dazzle

Doc is an old time carnival grifter.  He breaks down a con called "The Razzle" and one of his biggest scores ever.

Producer: Jamie DeWolf and Renzo Gorrio


When one boy runs away with the carnival, every kid's dream turns into one man’s nightmare.

Producer: Julia DeWitt

Big Mary

When a circus elephant terrifies a small town in Tennessee in 1916, the town wants revenge.

Producer: Glynn Washington and Anna Sussman

No Talent Circus

The notorious showman Chicken John creates a travelling circus that has only one rule: you can’t have any talent to perform. Designed to fail, instead they face a new foe: success. Hear more of Chicken John’s misadventures including running for Mayor of San Francisco and building boats out of trash at .

Producer: Jamie DeWolf
Sound Design by Mark Ristich