When I was younger I use to watch gangster movies with my father like the Godfather. That's when I new what I wanted to do I wanted to be the guy that was killed in movies. I felt like I couldn't do a better job then Robert Deniro in acting but I could definitely die better then these guys were portraying. So I moved up to Los Angeles to live with a buddy that was working on set as a PA. After living there for eight months and not knowing how to go about dying on film I was getting depressed about the whole situation and thinking about moving back home. Then one day my buddy came to me and told me he met a agent that said he would take a meeting with me. I was so excited I wore my best outfit and combed my hair way to many times. I got to the meeting and everything is going great I'm making the agent laugh and he gives me a good comment on my over combed hair. At the end of the meeting he says he wants to sign me for commercial work and I'm excited then I think wait a minute. I've never seen anyone die in a commercial so I ask what about film and he says look i'm not gonna sign you for theatrical representaion but if you book a commercial then we can talk about it. So I leave the meeting depressed and I end up getting very drunk that night. I wake up the next morning to a call from my agent. "Hey I just got you a audition for a commercial it's in thirty mins can you make it?" I tell him yes and jump into my car I park at the location run up the stairs dripping from sweat. I walk in there are a ton of doors that all look the same with a room full of people running around. I grab one of the people and tell them i'm here for a commercial and what do I do. The person points me over to the door next to me and tells me to put down my name on the sign up sheet. I write my name down with my right hand and try to ease the pain of my hangover by rubbing my head with my left hand. Five minutes later a man comes out looks at the sheet and calls my name. I walk into the tiny room with nothing but a camera staring at me and a big white piece of paper with some words on it. The man tells me "Ok, what you're going to do is look in the camera say your name and start  reading these lines" I nervously look at the camera and say "Hi my name is ARGGGG" I throw up over the floor and now I am even more nervous and I thinking What do I do!? What do I do!? I realize I still haven't said my name so I say "Steven Briggs" and start saying the lines as fast as I can. The casting director looks at me and says what are you doing!?!  I tell him I am reading the lines. He looks at me stern and goes "No that's not what you're doing, You're cleaning this up that's what you're doing" I go out and grab a bunch of paper towels and clean up the mess. I suddenly remember that my commercial agent told me if you book a commercial then we can talk about theatrcal representaion so I decide to go for a hail mary. I look the casting director in the eye and tell him I'm sorry but I would like to try again. He laughs and tells me to get the hell out of the office. I walk out feeling defeated standing outside the door about to cry. An older gentleman walks up to me and ask if everything is all right? I point to the door I had just came out of and tell him that I had just went into a auditon for an ESPN commercial and totally blew it. He goes ESPN? that audition is two doors down. I couldn't believe it I had walked into the wrong audition. I go two doors down audition for the ESPN commercial and end up booking it! After that I got signed Theatrically and now have acted in a horror film where my acting was pretty good espically when my character got killed off.