Constantly tip waiters with cash if possible

It used to be that every person paid with cash, or maybe a check, for anything, everywhere. However, we now live in the credit and debit card era and are heading for mobile payments, but one should constantly make an effort to tip waiters with cash wherever possible. Source of article:

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Issue of interchange fees taking away

Without the gold standard, there is almost no reason behind the paper dollar. In fact, the paper dollar has pretty much disappeared at this point. Most people will use debit or charge cards. Then there are the people who use mobile payments, which can only be done some places at this moment.

You do not have to pay anything when you get a receipt that has a spot for a tip, like restaurants and bars usually do. According to USA Today, swipe fees apply to the top also, which means the server does not actually get every little thing you tip. Whenever possible, just tip cash.

May not get total amount

Sometimes, there are credit and debit card tips that do not fully go to the server due to swipe fees. A 2 percent fee was charged on tips with debit and charge cards to be able to pay for swipe fees by a small restaurant conglomerate in Minnesota called Parasole. CBS Minnesota explained that servers were not too upset since it was a very small amount being taken out of their tips for fees.

One reason to tip waiters in cash, according to USA Today, is that cash goes in their pocket right away. With credit or debit tips, they have to wait until the end of the night to get them, which they might not.

Part of the risk, is that some, but not all, restaurants aren't always exactly honest with their wait staff. Some will outright steal tips, a literal case of robbing Peter to pay for Paul. Sometimes, it’s done to give cash kickback, under the table, to kitchen or other non-server staff, or to pay other workers to keep them off the books. Other times it’s just to take cash from people.

Necessity of tips

You need to always tip to reward somebody who has served you well. It is the way these people make their livings and survive. A lot of people assume that they are getting a great pay already, but much of the time it is even less than minimum wage.

Another thing to bear in mind is that not all wait staff get minimum wage. In fact, according to the Department of Labor, only seven states and the territory of Guam mandate servers and so forth receive a wage plus tips. Tipping in general is how servers can make a living and keep from having to resort to <a href="">short term loans</a> just to pay their bills. Tipping a server in cash can make quite a difference, in the right circumstances.



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