The Crown - Snap #403

Some people are born into it.  Some hear the call of destiny. Others see fit to take it for their own and dare you to take it away. On the next Snap Judgment from PRX and NPR we proudly present, "The Crown."

The Prince

There is a protocol for how to treat people with great power. But no one told Glynn . . .

Producer: Stephanie Foo

The Three Christs of Ypsilanti

In 1959, psychiatrist Milton Rokeach brought together three schizophrenic men who believed they were Jesus Christ, hoping to cure them of their delusions. But over time, his methods became dangerously amoral.

Thanks to Richard Bonier and Ronald Hoppe for their help.  Additional thanks to Peter Shyppert as the voice of Milton Rokeach.

You can buy The Three Christs of Ypsilanti, Rokeach’s book, right here.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Saudi Princesses

When Jayne Amelia Larson takes a job as a chauffeur for a Saudi royal family, she gets a glimpse of a gilded, inglorious world. Check out her book, Driving the Saudis.

Producer: Anna Sussman with sound design by Julia DeWitt

Just Like the Queen

Descendant of Scottish witches, actress Katharine McEwan explains to the Snap Judgment audience that while her British identity can fool most Americans into thinking she is pretty posh, she can never fool her own mother.

The North Korean Techno Party

Glynn’s next door neighbors never let him play in their reindeer games.  

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Miss Rhoda Fue

Matt came out as gay to his parents and moved to San Francisco.  But that was just precursor to his new life . . .

Producers: Rita Daniels and Glynn Washington