Guys, this isn't my story, but I've met an amazing couple. I believe I can get a hold of them if you guys are interested in their story.


The basis of their story was as follows:

Dakar lived in Tibet in the late 80s. At this time there was a a very violent conflit involved with China and Tibet. Rather than risking being exterminated by the Chinese government Dakar fled west. He walked on foot for 30 days across the himalayas. As he said "The sky was my blanket and the snow was my mattress". After a few days crossing he  felt like he was already dead, but suddenly he entered survival mode. After trekking across the himalayas he made it into India where there was a refuge camp where many other people had made the trek. He did not know the language, but had there he made many friends. Many of the people he met there died but one of them did not, she was actually more than a friend. In the refuge camp, among all the poverty and insecurity they managed to find sanctuary in each other. They were in love. It made the refugee camp seem almost bareable. After a few years, she was given the opportunity to leave the refugee camp. She left and Dakar was now alone. Determined he was able to meet a network of people who could promise him a flight to America. So he flew to LA, with nothing, penniless. He working odd jobs and networking he was able to get himself established in Ojai, California. And through some searching he ended up finding out that the love of his life only lived about an hour and a half away in Burbank.


I'm out of time, but what I can say is, they now have two children and have started a non profit organization that builds clinics in Tibet. They've finally gotten their Visa and plan on visiting Tibet soon.  I'd like their story to be on snap. Please contact me ASAP and I might try to get a hold of them.