the day i knocked out my ex-boyfriend and ended up in People Magazine

Well at the time he was my boyfriend. I loved him despite the fact all my friends just couldnt understand why I continued my on and off relationship with the guy who was much younger than me to be exact about 7 years younger. It got real annoying trying to explain certain music to him that my friends and i would talk about and he would look over at me not knowing wat to say because the music was ahead of his time. He was a young college student living in a frat house but he just never could get himself to join the frat. He was a true mama's boy who barely made a move without his mother knowing. He had dumped me about 3 times around the time of my story and I was just getting fed up with him and so embarassed by the fact that this young boy seem to get a kick out of playing with my emotions. So on this particular day there was a football game on and we were fighting. he was at his apartment and i was at my family's home trying to call him. he was ignoring my calls and told me that he was at a friends but something inside of me told me that he was lying so i had a relative drive me over to his place and as she drove i called him with no answer from him. when i reached his apartment and i saw his car so i called him from her phone. he picked up and i told him to come downstairs, the jig was up. he came down and as he walked down the stairs i felt such rage and anger as he started to tell me that it was over. i ran up to him and words came out of my mouth that i still cant remember but whatever it was he laughed and i went blank but from what my relative told me it was a moment she could relive over and over again from her car as he watched me knock down this guy who was much bigger and even alittle taller than me. my fist went up and he fall down on his on an iron fence. he looked up at me and said "its over!" and i said "you got that right!!!:" i heard my cousin laugh and she drug me back to her car. i regain myself back as she drove back to my family's home. You would have thought that it was really over but we got back together one more time for the last time to have it end on my 30th birthday after he was m.i.a at my party and broke up with my online on facebook by changing his status to single. I was crushed but i moved on and found a new guy who is now my husband. but during my engagement i wrote an article on facebook about being dumped online and a reporter from People Magazine contacted me and within a month my story was featured in the magazine along with a photo with my fiance. Gotta love some sweet revenge!


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