The Day My Dead Mom Went Dancing

I know that you are asking yourselves, "How do dead people go dancing?" Well, let me tell you the story about the day I shall always remember...My mom passed away February 25, 2014 from the debilitating disease called cancer. She was in terrible pain even when I arrived from Georgia after a 16 hour drive. She was in a local hospital in West Texas. Her battle with cancer began a mere five years earlier. She remained in good spirits all throughout. My sisters and I were on the clock with phone calls, tears, and directions in her last days with us, but the day came when she agreed with God to join Him in that heavenly place where the weary cease from troubling and joy is everlasting! Although, we hurt and our hearts grieved, we knew that she was in the arms of her mother and the comforts of her savior so we bade her farewell.

However, the most memorable day of our preparations for her home-going service was when my sister (a hairstylist) and my niece (a make-up artist) went to the funeral home to dress our matriarch for her final viewing on this earth. They both left in separate cars with their tools of artillery to do (in their minds) the best work of their entire professions. They were confident and proud and they began the work of earthly restoration because we who are bought by the blood of the lamb know that our bodies when departed from this realm are incorruptible and perfectly fit for the bridegroom who awaits them.

Well, my sister and niece worked diligently preparing our mother's hair and face with the finest of product. They even worked for hours on end until we received a phone-text from our niece of their final exposition - a picture of our mom which was sent to all who had access to text messages. All we (my younger sister and I) could do was grab our purses and rush to the funeral home. Mind you, my sister's son (a young minister of the gospel) called his step-father demanding what was the deal with "Nannie looking like she was going to the club?" In fact, we were appalled at what we saw and actually thought it was a permanent situation. Our mother had on hot pink eye shadow which matched her pink suit and her hair made her resemble Elvira on the Addam's Family sitcom. We quickly resolved to tone her down. Of course we had to speak softly and gently to the ones who tirelessly labored over their presentation. As it turned out, our mother was the most beautiful that she had ever been and as far as the dance? Well, she is dancing in heaven enjoying the fulfillment of her trials here on earth. She is dancing to the tune of "glory forever."