Dead Best Friend Helps One Last Time

In 2011, I was suffering with the loss of my best friend of forty years. We grew up together and were best friends since sixth grade. He’d stood by me in good times and bad times. He dropped dead of a heart attack while on a business trip at 49 years of age. I was contacted by a mutual friend, who let me know. I was devastated. I was having a hard time dealing with the loss, so I began writing forty years of diary entries about my deceased friend for his widow and daughter. I thought, who better to tell you about your old man than his best friend. I’d been a journal writer since grade school.

I began writing feverously as I suddenly did not feel sad and felt like I had a purpose, a mission. I skipped out on my wife’s family reunion. I did not feel like I would be very good company and found I was happy for the first time transposing all of the stories about my old friend from my handwritten journals from 1975 to 2011. I got so caught up in writing that weekend that I lost track of time, eating, and sleep. As I was writing I remembered all the adventures my friend and I had been through.

Sometime during the weekend, I felt compelled to get up and go to the far end of the house for unknown reasons. My intuition was always pretty good, so I tended to listen. I walked to the hallway below our second floor bonus room and put my hand in a relatively unused umbrella stand. It was not raining, but I felt bound to reach inside of the bottom for something. I felt inside the stand and found a love letter written by my wife of 20 years to someone else. Now, I had two missions. I had to finish writing a book about my best friend for his family and to find out who my wife was having an affair with. It was a busy weekend!

I finished writing the book for my deceased friend’s family. When my wife returned from the family reunion, we began marriage counseling. The counseling ended unsuccessfully with a divorce six months later. The love letters led to the discovery of more communications between my wife and a former high school boyfriend. Writing the story about my friend felt great. It felt like I was with my old friend once again. Finding the love letter made me think my friend advocated for me one last time from. 


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