Diary Entry

Diary Entry:

“How did you get here?” I kept asking myself. I don’t belong here, I shouldn’t even be here I know Malcolm the 7th is the baby father, I slept with three dudes, that week, but he was the only one I really felt inside of me, plus Malcolm the 8th and him have the same hands. I just wanted to hurry up and do this swab test, lucky I didn’t take his ass to my home boy Maury... I been waiting two weeks for the results, it finally came today; I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes. Malcolm the 7th wasn’t the baby father, Now how am I going to explain to Malcolm the 8th, I don’t know who his daddy is, or why his name is Malcolm the 8th, I decided to call my home boy Maury, but the number on TV, wasn’t his direct line, so they put me on hold for a long time, then finally some lady answered, and told me that I could be on the show next week. They paid for airfare and the hotel, they gave me some restaurant vouchers, but I decided to keep them, and maybe sell them to my home girl, since she always going out to eat. I never been on a plane before, I didn’t even know how to get to the airport, all I know  was that you had to take the Red or blue line, I finally got to Penn station and I was running late to the airport, so I  played eeny meen miny moe, and picked the blue line. I looked at the legend and saw that it went to LaGuardia. Glad I chose the blue line, now... I am waiting to board the plane, here we come Maury”



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