Julian's Messes Today:
1. Kleenex everywhere
2. Water all over the floor in the bathroom
3. Bowls and small appliances out of the cupboard and all over the floor
4. the number of poopy diapers today
5. Applesauce container chucked on the floor and all over the place.
6. Took the confetti with special memories of old coworkers written on it and threw it all over the place.
7. Mac and cheese and peas thrown off the high chair and all over the floor.
8. Proceeded to step in it while I am trying to sweep it up.
9. Climbed back in to high chair reached over to coffee maker, dug in hands in to the wet coffee grounds, and smeared them all over the defunct alarm system pad on the wall.
10. Waiting to see what's next?
I definitely forgot how much work a 20 month old is! This single-mom is in need of a break or an assistant!


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