FAME! - Snap #206

Some will die for it.  Or kill for it.  Run away, mock, ridicule, and cry for it.

But if you want to live forever, you better get some "Fame."  This week Snap struts down the red carpet, past the paparazzi, and straight to the VIP lounge.  Stories about how to get famous, what it tastes like, and what happens after the fall.

Japan TV

As one of a very few black people living outside Kyoto, Japan in the 90s, Glynn took the easy road to fame. That was all well and good--until the reckoning.

Story by Glynn Washington. Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Love Jane

Did you know a real-life Jane launched "Jane's Addiction?"

Jane Bainter inspired the band's massive hit, "Jane Says," and even the band's name.

With her image plastered all over the world, and crowds of music lovers singing her name, we asked her, "What's it like to be infamous?"  Jane broke it down.

Produced by Rita Daniels

Indian Idol

When Anna approaches a small town in Northern India, the streets are lined with school kids, rickshaw drivers, and housewives, screaming at drivers to VOTE FOR PRASHANT.  But...who is Prashant?

And what’s he running for?

Check out  a video of the scene in Darjeeling on Indian Idol election night.




Listen now to discover how a pop-show election captures the imagination of Darjeeling.

Produced by Anna Sussman

Canine Rivalry

Scott Sanders wants to be a serious actor. But his biggest competition isn’t Pacino or Hoffman -- it’s "Man's Best Friend."

Check out some photos of Scott and his dog Here.

Produced by Stephanie Foo.

Remember My Name

You couldn't turn on the radio without hearing her songs, like Flashdance...What a Feeling.  But it was her starring role in the mega-movie Fame that started it all. Irene Cara tells us how she rose to the top...and where it all went from there.

She now has a new group, Hot Caramel, and their album is dropping in March 2011 on Amazon.com. You can check out Irene's website at www.irenecara.com.

Produced by Mitzi Mock

Come On Down!

Mary Tunno, an adorable Italian mother in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, professes her love each day for TV game show host Bob Barker.  Finally, Mary packs up and goes to California to meet him in person.

After listening, see footage from Mary's apperance on The The Price is Right!  And don't forget, the entire Fame episode is available now on the Snap Judgment podcast, free! ) 

Produced by Anna Sussman.


The Big Break

Poet-Actor extraordinaire, Sonya Renee Taylor, finally gets the phone call she's been waiting for . . .

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Listen to the songs we used in this episode right here: