Fight of Your Life - Snap #230

Everybody has these little conflicts, these little spats, but in the end - not much is at stake. But what happens when EVERYTHING is on the line? Snap Judgment proudly presents, "Fight of Your Life."


The Testimony

Would you save the life a man who hated you, who hated you because of your race? Aaron Owens was not so sure.

Producer: Anna Sussman

The Queen of Chicago

All Ameena Matthews ever wanted was love and respect. She thought she’d found it on the streets of Chicago as the lieutenant of a major drug ring, but discovered instead that love born of violence is no substitute for the real thing.

This piece contains audio from the fantastic documentary, “The Interrupters.” Definitely watch it. It’s incredible.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Night at the Rock Bar

One night at the Rock Bar in downtown Jerusalem, Chaim Meghnagi comes face to face with armed gunmen intent on destruction.  What happens next changes his life forever. 

Producer: Mark Ristich

Sound Design: Pat Mesiti Miller

On the Fence

When Seabell Thomas opens up a cafe and wins the hearts of every soul in Baton Rouge with her good cooking, all seems well. But little does she know that when times get tough, fried chicken might get be her best weapon.

Produced by Rita Daniels

You can see more about the buckets Mama used here.

Emergency Contact

David Perez is locked in a jealous tango with a sexy student.  They push each other’s boundaries, until one night, it all goes too far in a collision course of love and fists.

Producer: Jamie DeWolf

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

All Heart

Kyle Maynard was born as a congenital amputee, with his arms ending at his elbows and his legs at his knees. But that didn’t stop him from the pursuit of a dream: stepping into the cage for his first full contact mixed martial arts fight.

Producer: Jamie DeWolf

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

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