Friend betrayel

I had this freind named megan toohey. she tried to turn me against my best friend, and even though my birthday is approaching she didn't care and tried to control my life.She called me horrible names such as  a bad friend and  every night she'd  bully me by text messege or on facebook. I  would go crying to my  close friend and my parents. Not only did she bully me, but she also bullied my bestfriend , Nicholas too. From horrible phone calls to causing a ruckous is  what that girl did. My mother tried to get her  to stop. But that was when things got worse. She said to me if you don't pick a side, i will make your life miserable.  One day when i finslly saw what a mean girl Megan really was, i told her you know what, you don't care about me. If you did you wouldnt be telling me what to do or who to be friends with. She got so mad at me that she  blocked me because she tohught shge was all that. I only hope one day  this  doesnt happen to you. The lesson i learned is, the person  that truely cares is the one that lets you be who you are and  talk to whoever you feel like. I realize now Megan was a mean  friend.