Gratitude 2013 Special - Snap #426

'Tis the season to chronicle our good fortune. This week, Snap Judgment looks back on some of the stories we were especially thankful for. Snap Judgment from PRX and NPR... do not miss it.

Secrets In Siberia

Mike Ramsdell served as a covert operative for the federal government. He was assigned to capture and extract a high level target from Russia, but the mission went horribly wrong. Check out a fictionalized account of the story at and you can personally contact Mike at


Producer: Anna Sussman

Sound Design: Renzo Gorrio

The Last Yugoslavs

In Belgrade, Jonathan discovers that you can remove a man from a country, but you can never remove the country from the man . . .

Jonathan Groubert hosts the wonderful storytelling program, "The State We're In", from WBEZ in Chicago. Subscribe @

Producers: Anna Sussman, Mark Ristich

How to Make a God Angry

As Glynn and crew are hiking up the the mountains of Japan they are blessed with the fruit from the gods. Or so they think…

Producer: Pat Mesiti-Miller

Workin' On The Chain Gang

Paul Cauthen grew up in the ultra-conservative Church of Christ, and took pride as a part of the church’s exceptional chorus. So as an adult he felt very out of place when his life took a turn for the worst and he found himself incarcerated in a Texas jail, working on a chain gang. He didn’t really know how to deal with the situation...except to sing.


Paul now heads the band, Sons of Fathers. They just put out a new album called “Burning Days.” You’ve gotta check it out. They’re on tour now across the United States.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Buried Alive

When Ricky Megee emerges from a shallow grave in the harsh Australian outback, fate forces him to redefine "food" as he struggles for survival.

Producer: Anna Sussman

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