Gratitude 2014 - Snap #529

This year on the 2014 Thanksgiving Special, Snap presents you a platter full of stories of "Gratitude." Gobble 'em up, pass 'em around and thanks for listening.

Pass The Gravy

It's that time of the year when what's right with the world wins out over all that nonsense.


The Flying Nun

A little girl in Brooklyn can help her whole community if she just devotes herself to becoming a nun. But what if she doesn't want to? read more of Eileen O’Toole’s story in her book, At Sister Anna’s Feet.

Producer: Anna Sussman

A Shamed Man

Joel Ben Izzy was cleaning a Jewish graveyard in Japan, when he stumbled upon the story of Chiune Sugihara--a rebellious Japanese ambassador to Lithuania.

Joel ben Izzy travels around the world telling stories, his memoir "The Beggar King and the Secret of Happiness" has now been translated into fifteen languages, and you can see more at his web site,

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Careful What You Ask For

Jack McCarthy is a veteran performer, poet and storyteller whose book, Say Goodnight, Grace Notes, was released in 2003 by EM Press to rave reviews. His work has appeared in a number of anthologies, including The Spoken Word Revolution, and the film Slamnation.  Jack currently resides in Seattle, Washington.

Rosebush Inside

Singer/songwriter Sean Hayes is constantly looking for inspiration for his music. He found it in the story of a man named Moreese Bickham who served more than 40 years in Angola Prison. Little did he know that by writing the song, he was about to change Moreese’s story...

All the music in this piece was by Sean Hayes. Go buy his awesome new album here.

Thank you to David Isay, StoryCorps founder and the producer of Tossing Away the Keys. It is a magnificent piece of radio. Thanks to the Outside Lands festival for helping to hook up the interview. And last but not least, many thanks to the inimitable Moreese Bickham, who now lives in Oakland, California.

Producer: Stephanie Foo

Tea with a Warlord

Snap Judgment producer Anna Sussman comes face to face with a warlord in Uganda.

Producer: Anna Sussman